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mojave royal python
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    Mojave wanted around 400- 600grams willing to travel to pick up within reason cash waiting
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    Beautiful markings. Pair with a Phantom to make Purple Passions, a Mystic to make Mystic Potions, or another Mojave to make BEL Super Mojaves! Great breeding potential. Feeds on small mice, any food I have left will come with her. Happy to arrange a viewing to see her. Collection or courier at...
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    Gorgeous male Mojave stunning markings and colour really nice snake he's no bother and handles fine lovely temperament I belive he's about 6 months old doesn't come with viv snake only. £90 ovno Thanks Dan
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    Mojave Female, Bred by myself, touching 200g now, keen feeder on defrost rats. £85.00 I don't really use the forums now so best to contact me on 07714718374 (text preferred)
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    CB14 Mojave Royal Python Female £150
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    I have one Female Mojave left for sale now, so I have reduced the price for a quick sale. She's a fantastic feeder on DF rats or mice, she's not fussy. She is also a Poss Het Pied as her mum is 100% Het Pied. Im not selling as a Het though, hence the price. Can email pics on request.
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    I have 1 female mojave royal left. From my own breeding stock. Eats like a pig and fantastic looking examples, very bright yellowing. Mum was a 100% het pied so she is a poss het too. Can email pics on request.
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    Offering a huge reduction in prices for my CB14 Mojaves. Bank holiday only, will not bump this thread back up after Tuesday and will revert back to original prices. All smashing defrost rats and have had well over 10 feeds each. 1 Male @ £90 2 Females @ £125 each Can send pics on request.
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    looking for a female mojave royal at breeding weight to go with my male
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    Male Mojave Royal Python for sale. Excellent temperament with stunning colours. I have two gravid females from him so he is a good breeder. He has only just finished breeding so he is a bit on the skinny side at the mo, but normally he is an excellent feeder on defrost rats or mice. Only...
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    I am having to cut back on my snakes for health reasons so look for my other adds also 1kg female mojave for sale Eats f/t weaner rats £550
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    I have some lovely Mojave male and females available. They are all feeding well, all have had 10+ feeds on defrost rats. Males are £100, Females £195 I am offering 20% off any snakes bought and paid before Christmas :2thumb: I also have available: MALES CB13 Champagne £600 REDUCED NOW...
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    CB13 Male Pastel Royal Python £105 CB13 Male Yellow Belly Royal Python £110 CB13 Male Mojave Royal Python £145 CB13 Male Spider Royal Python £145 CB13 Lesser Royal Python Male £185 CB13 Female Pastel Royal Python (x3 Avaliable) £125 Each CB13 Male Fire Royal Python (x2 Avaliable) £125 CB13 Male...
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    Hi everyone , As the title suggests i have a stunning female Mojave for sale. She is in excellent health and sheds and poos as she should. she weighs 700g empty , so wont take long to feed her up for any projects. Any questions please ask. Either e mail me here or at [email protected] Many thanks
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    Lovely Mojave Male, CB13, I have several available, priced to sell at only £100. Doing everything they should. Deposit of £20 to hold, with the rest when you collect. I also have for sale the following CB13 hatchlings, hatched here by me, all strike feeding nicely on defrost. I have several...
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    Hi, I have my Female Mojo for sale, she dropped 5 lovely eggs about 3 week back and eating well again. i have her on for £700, she eats anything you put in front of her. I haven't weighed her up to date but I would guess shes 1600grm, she has produced 3 clutches for me and I have had her from a...
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    I have 2012 Mojave pair for sale. Both have had one feed each It won't let me upload photos just yet for some strange reason but will be ready after a few more feeds. Female weighs 70g £350 Male weighs 68g £225 Or take both for £500 Cheers Sam Pm me for more details
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    Hi I am looking for a female mojave royal python or a female mojave combo 1500g +. Please pm me if you have one of these available.
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    Have 2 male mojave hatchlings for sale. Both were a bit slow to start, but now both are strike feeding weekly on defrost rat chubbs. Father is a Mike Cole bred male mojave, mother is a CF normal. First male Second male Happy to courier, if buyer arranges etc.
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    For Trade Is The GF's STUNNING Male Mojave. She Purchased Him From Dave Davies aka Welsh Reptile Breeders ( tracey3096 on here ) at Doncaster IHS Show This September. After consideration she'd like to get a female or male ( any age size etc ) so she's offering this guy as a swap. Swaps She...
1-20 of 27 Results