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    CB15 Mojave for sale I currently have a 2015 mojave male royal hatchling for sale. Bred by myself.He has had 10+ defrost feeds. Any questions let me know. 1.0 Mojave royal python D/F Rats 180g £40
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    Lovely Bright CB14 Mojave Male, 125 grams. Strike feeding on D/F rat fluffs. Only £55 Collection from WR4
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    Hi guys, After the new years resolution my wife picked for me (get less snakes in 2015 BWUAHAHAHAHA) i'm after a mojo or mojo combo adult female 1.5kg+ ish. I'm in Bedfordshire but am driving to Wales on Tuesday 6th for a week, basically M1,M25,M4. Sooo, if anyones got anything en route drop me...
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    CB14 Mojave Royal Python Female £150
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    Hi I am making available some adult female normals. Choice of 4 available all starting at around 2kg, prices starting at £100 Photobucket is playing up. I can send pics via email to anyone intrested. Also have an adult male mojo £80 Male cb14 butter ph hypo £60 Male cb14 Mojave 100% het...
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    Hi Most are ready now, and have had 5+ feeds Absolutely amazing quality examples. All are strike feeding on defrost rats and mice. And in perfect health. 1.0 Mojave 100% het hypo £100 2.1 black mojo 100% het hypo £275 / £400 0.1 blackpastel 100% het hypo £180 I also have a breeder...
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    We have for sale this absolutely stunning female Mojave Yellowbelly. Strike feeding fantastically on defrost. Full feeding/shedding records kept. Pairing Mojave x Ivory. Can be taken to the Doncaster Show or collected from Rothwell Northants. Deposit to secure due to timewasters.
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    Hi, > > > I've got the following CB Royals available (2009-2014), let me know if anyone is interested. > >> Mojave 2.3,140g > >> Normal 2.0, 140g > >> Black Pastel 1.1, 540g, 420g > >> Yellow Belly 1.0, 320g > >> Mojave 1.1, 1.2Kg, 820g (Proven male) > >> Spider 1.0, 540g > >> Butter...
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    mojave male breeder for sale 1.5kg or over eats small rat weaners or large mice frozen eater 07813558445 cheers karl
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    Hi, I've now got for sale my first clutch from this season as I didn't hit the holdback BEL I was hoping for. Most are feeding great and ready to go now, a couple I want to have a few more feeds before they go but will take deposits if people want to reserve them. I'm based in the East...
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    Together in one ad. A few royal for sale, some are surplus offspring, some are available due to a change in direction with my collection. 0.1 Pastel Orange Ghost (POG), 2013, 519 grams. Strike feeding on DF rats. £260 1.0 Pastel Orange Ghost (POG) Male, 2012, 742 grams. Strike feeding on DF...
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    last 2 female Mojo's, Mojo 3 strike feeding on rat pups/fluffs. 126 grams. Mojo 5 strike feeding on mice but has had her first rat pup. 114 grams. Both CB13 and slow starters, both feeding great now. Male Bumblebee Royal Python. Strike feeding on rat pups/fluffs. 132 grams. CB13, slow starter...
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    Hiya, I have the following for sale: 2012 Male Mojave Royal. 720g eats, poos and sheds perfect. £140 2011 Female Normal Royal. 2.1kg eats, poos and sheds perfect. £150 I have had these two together recently and have witnessed a few potential locks, not sure if anything will come from...
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    Quality captive bred 2013 mojos 140g+ priced to sell. 4.2 1) Male 140grm 2) Male 160grm 3) Female 160grm 4) Male 170grm 5) Male 180grm 6) Female 140grm Great markings, all faecal tested strike feeding and ready to go. Males £150 Female £250 May do deal on multiples if anyone fancies trying...
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    ready to breed Mojave female 700 she well over 1500gram
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    A few hatchlings for Sale, strike feeding and ready to go. All bred by me. Pics below. Spider 3 Male, 72 grams, £100 Spider 6 Male, 88 grams, £100 Enchi 1 Male, 89 grams, £100 Enchi 2 Male, 133 grams, £100 Enchi 4 Female, 103 grams - £250 Mojave 1 Female, 58 grams, small when hatched, eating...
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    I have a cb12 mojo female for sale. She is 780g Looking for £450 for her. Selling as just bought breeding weight female
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    800gram Mojave female £450
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    Female Mojave Royal Python - 300g, eating, shedding and pooing well, currently on medium defrost mice, viewing/collection in March, Cambridgeshire. £220
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    Male mojave royal python available. Around the 300-350g mark Great looker, great ft feeder. Delivery possible.
1-20 of 55 Results