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    UK CB21 Spiny Tailed Monitors/Ackies Monitors - Varanus acanthurus Bred from my stunning adult pair (picture included, not for sale), the male is one of the largest I've seen and both are incredibly easy to work with and handle. This was a clutch of sixteen laid with a 100% hatch rate. Both...
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    Hi, can someone tell me which type of grout and sealer to use when making a foam background (obviously animal safe)?
  3. Lizards
    Why are the names of Varanus pilbarnesis and Varanus bushi both Pilbara? I want to know about Varanus bushi.
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    As the title says I have a nile monitor for sale around 4 yrs old, it's not friendly on land but in the water it will allow to to interact. Has part of it's tail missing as seen in the pics, the sale does not include an enclosure. Any further questions please feel free to pm me.
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    Recently I got a young kimberley rock monitor who is around four months old. He seems to be doing well and eats regularly but is extremely skittish. I have tried to tong feeding him but he never really goes for it and only eats the crickets I leave in his enclosure. I know they are usually...
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    Roughneck monitor for sale, I got him as a rehome not too long ago unfortunately it needs more time than i can provide as he was clearly not handled alot and having little children i dont want them to get a irrational fear of our other reptiles, really reluctant as it is my favorite monitor...
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    Varanus Storri (Storrs Monitor) adult 2.5 year old excellent condition Male. Don't see these fellas often, need to sell on for space and rules in new premises. Makes a change from the usual Acanthurus Dwarf ;) Can sell alone £250 Or with a 4x2x2 / 6x1.5x2 vivarium setup for £300 No messing...
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    Due to a large job offer, and changes in my circumstances I have several Monitor Lizards for sale. I am also willing to trade for Dart/Tree Frogs and Setups of Equivalent value / part exchange, as my new director has agreed to allow these smaller space consuming specimens on my new site. These...
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    Hello folks, Thanks for swinging by. I am currently in search / want of the following (Order highest Priority first): 1 - Female Mature Ackies / Proven Breeders (Red + Yellow). 2 - Female Varanus Storri. 3 - Varanus Rudicollis (Pair/Trio). 4 - Varanus Glaureti (Pair/Mature Female). 5 -...
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    Just searching for anyone within a 50mile radius; London, Bedfordshire, Herfordshire, Buckinghamshire. Has any of the following for sale: 1) Sexually Mature Female Varanus Acanthurus' (Looking for 5). 2) Proven Pairs/Trios of Timorensis/Pilbarensis. 3) Young Timor/Pilbar Monitors. Also willing...
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    Here is a link to my enclosure Hi guys, I am concerned about my Ackies, they seem very lazy? when i have been told that they basically do not stop. They hatched 4-6th of may and i picked them up on the 26th of May. Their enclosure is 5x2x4 feet with around a...
  12. Lizard Pictures
    Hi Guys, I got my pair of Ackie montiors from Philipniceguy Exotiocs, hatched 3-6th of May. I think i am in love :flrt:
  13. Lizard Care Sheets
    This is a care sheet for my Argus Bruce (Varanus Panoptes) It is my first attempt at writing something like this and I have tried to include all the relevant information and my experience so far. Size When I first got him I would say he was around 2 and a half feet maybe 3 however he has...
  14. Lizards
    I recently got a blue tree monitor. He is lazy. But his claws sure are sharp. What is the best way to be handling one of these monitors?:censor:
  15. Lizards
    Hello all, I have two ackies I need sexing. One appears to have become a lot more dominant than the other and has grown to almost twice the size despite attempting to powerfeed the smaller of the two more than the larger. They rarely scrap / have any legitimate issues with one another aside...
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    I have a male Gillen's pygmy monitor/mulga monitor for sale. Bred by me. Selling due to surplus males at the moment. He's incredibly tame, and will eat out of your hands etc. Happy to meet half-way for petrol costs, and regularly travel across to Oxford and Exeter.
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    Hi All, I am trying to find an adult monitor lizard to film for a documentary. I am not sure of species but I have attached a picture of one of the ones that was owned by the subject of our programme. The monitor would not need to be handled and we can come to you to film. We are just looking...
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    I have a 3ft CBEU Quince monitor (varanus melinus) that I bought as a hatchling from philipniceguyexotics about 18 months ago. Suspected male. Typical shy temperament, calms down once out. Never been aggressive in any way or bitten. Beautiful animal. Preferably swap for Royals. I'm looking for...
1-18 of 95 Results