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    Is it fine to feed my savanah monitor a diet of just crickets and mealworms? I’m not able to get Dubai roaches because they are banned here in FL. If I can’t feed just crickets and mealworms what are some other good options? I’m able to get wax worms but I hear they are high in fat and should...
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    Yellow Ackie monitor lizard, thought to be a male, 3yrs old. Reasonably tame, hand feeds looking for £225 ono, I'm only selling as I'm looking for another Iguana. Near Louth Ln110pd [email protected] 07305187778
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    Cb17 Male Kimberley rock monitor Lovely lizard, eats well, good condition. Not aggressive but can be a little quick, but he’ll come to you. Collection Hastings, courier welcome. Open to px against female varanus beccarii. Also interested in other tree monitors. Or £500 Ono
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    As above wanted a V. Cumingi or high yellow water monitor.
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    Hi! I have a monitor, varanus tirtis (black-head monitor) 3 years old, bred in captivity, after transporting lizard to my home, he get a cold, A runny nose started, in vet they say "it's normal, stress and other stuff" After a couple of days it stopped, but lizard constantly scratches its nose...
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    Only selling because it turns out I have two males. I would swap for a female if someone is in a similar position but in reverse. Never bitten but is flighty and sometimes a little shy but eats a fantastic varied diet and has been looked after well . I've had him from a baby . About 2.5 years old .
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    Long shot but seeing if anyone has any female green tree monitors for sale in the UK?
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    Hello, I wrote a very long and detailed post in here a few days ago and it has disappeared. I really need some advice about the frequency of the dosage of Zolcal-D for my Savannah who has started suffering with rear end/pelvic weakness due to MBD. I don't want to give him a toxic dose but...
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    Hi all, hope this is allowed but if not I’ll remove it! I’m currently doing my master’s degree in animal cognition, and have a thesis to carry out and write up over the summer. I was meant to be working with primates at a zoo but unfortunately that plan’s been well and truly corona’d so I’m...
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    Due to work relocation i'm having to down size all can come with 4 ft vivs Adult Blue Tongue Skink £150 Ackie Monitor £120 Prehensile tailed Skink £950 Sub Adult Iguana £100 Also several snakes (on separate thread in snake section) Can deliver for fuel and can send pictures upon request
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    Hi, I have a 14 month old make Ackie monitor for sale or trade. He's been housed with his brother since I've had him and although they get on fine at the moment I don't want to take any risks. He would have to go to a great home. Willing to discuss price or trade for a female of a similar age.
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    Hi people! Unfortunately I don't have the time I initially had to take care of my Ackie monitor. Male, 6 year old (See pic) I'm not into this for money, I have spent a lot on this setup, the vivarium is from provivs and cost over 150 on its own, lamps and setup take this to over 250. 5ft x...
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    As above I am looking for Kimberly rock monitors. Preferably a trio, adults would be great, juvis if sexed would also be good and I’d consider babies if the price is right. Closer to me is great but also willing to travel and also willing to use courier. Can also collect from November show...
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    Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I purchased a juvenile black roughneck monitor about a month or so ago. The monitor was very friendly and active in the store and had a good weight. I built an enclosure that's 2 m x 1+ m x 2.2 m (WxDxH) with a basking shelf (about 54 degrees)...
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    Hi, i'm new here. I have a 15 yr old monitor, V. albigularis. Had him to a vet in april, he was thin and sluggish and appetite was low. She did bloodwork and told me his liver function was zero, so she didn't have much hope for him. He also had very low blood percent and low iron. So I was...
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    Hi guys My Ackie has had no bowel movement for the last week, he has been to the vet had xrays (nothing conclusive) ultrasound (nothing conclusive) and bloods (waiting for results) I am bathing him in reptaboost water temp at 37 degrees and nothing. i wondered if anyone else has been through...
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    As the title says I have a nile monitor for sale around 4 yrs old, it's not friendly on land but in the water it will allow to to interact. Has part of it's tail missing as seen in the pics, the sale does not include an enclosure. Any further questions please feel free to pm me.
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    Due to an impending house move and not being allowed any pets, we need to move on our White Throats. Proven breeding pair of Chocolate cape banded white throats. They do everything they should as they should and are lovely lizards. They can come with their 8x3x3 enclosure and all of the gumph...
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    Hello guys! I've been trying to find some good information about the care of Primordius without any luck, so i'm making an attempt here. Anyone of you guys that owns them and could tell me some about their care and just basic good to knows?
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    Roughneck monitor for sale, I got him as a rehome not too long ago unfortunately it needs more time than i can provide as he was clearly not handled alot and having little children i dont want them to get a irrational fear of our other reptiles, really reluctant as it is my favorite monitor...