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    CB12 male ackies monitor lizard. Good eater, doing everything he should available with or without his bioactive viv if you already have a suitable set up. Stunning lad with good temprement. Doing all he should. Open to realistic offer the the right home. Collect from Mid Wales, or approved...
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    New member here. Not new to keeping herps tho! However this is my first monitor lizard and man have i wanted one for so long and once i found an apartment size monitor... ive been wanting it! I just acquired a 6 month old ackie 4 days ago. He is eating very well and everything already. Had a...
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    Hi all, its been a long time since I was last here but I've just written the following on the Timor Monitor after adding one to my collection but not being able to find a definitive sheet for them. It was written with the help of several people especially Mark O'Shea who sent his field work...
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    I have a breeding pair of Fiji Iguanas (unproven as I have not managed to get the eggs to hatch) I am looking for another pair of Varanus Reisingeri (Yellow Tree Monitor) but would consider other trades of equal value. Both are micro chipped and have the CITIES 1 paperwork. Hoperfully a Happy...
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    WANTED: Young Ackie Dwarf Monitor, we are looking for 1 possibly 2 as young as possible, please PM with details Thanks all :)
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    FOR SALE 4ft, male Nile Monitor... Very Tame, can be handled... No Viv included so will need a Viv for him... £60 ono or change for a snake... Any questions please ask...
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    Hello, max I will pay is £160, can't seem to find any sellers anywhere, so I decided to try here, don't mind sex (preferably male if possible) max I will travel is 25 miles.
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    Because i quit the hobby i offer my group of 100% pure 2.2 Varanus Flavirufus cb13. Females are aprox. 75cm, males are 80cm. They are 100% healthy and ready to breed. They animals are located in the Netherlands (EU). But because they have CITES they can be exported world wide. I prefer to sell...
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    Hi, I'd like to build an outdoor enclosure for savannah. The ambient temp is very low like 50F during winter. If I always keep an basking area like 113F, will the temp difference(113F-50F=63F) cause any problem? Or it is good enough? Thanks!
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    Captive Farmed 2017 Bosc Monitors. Available now from Manchester Pets and Aquatics! 66 Stockport Road, Manchester M12 6AL 0161 273 5447
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    Hi everyone, May I know if anyone has the record of his/her monitor? I wonder how monitor grows rate look like. What I have for sharing is reading from book that a savannah monitor's growth. as following... 20cm. 1 year later. 90cm 2 year later. 120cm 3 year later. 130cm can anyone share your...
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    Hi everyone! I fell in love in animals, especially reptiles since I was a kid. For about three years I was collecting information about monitors. I have been reading some books, searching on the net or talking with breeders... But I still have got some questions. I am finally decided to purchase...
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    May I know how to tell the gender of blackthroat? Such like male has wider head and longer tail? male prefer hotter area while female prefer colder area? I'm not sure but need some help. Thanks.
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    May I know the correct way to wake up a monitor? I wake up my black throat by touching its head first and then hold it up gently with my hands. May I know is this the correct procedure to wake it up? Or is there any better way?
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    hey guys, I've personally seen Tegu and water monitor jumps. But I wonder does black throat jump. Anyone knows will black throat jump?
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    Looking at getting an ackie and looking for some advice and whether or not I have missed anything. So I'll list what my current plans are: Vivarium/Enclosure: -A 180cmLx60cmWx90cmH wooden enclosure with a 4mm toughened glass doors. -Substrate depth will vary, planning on having a deeper...
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    1 Male CB Proven 1 Female CB - should produce this year 1 Female CF Proven £1750 with full set up, will not split, please dont ask. Blue tree Monitor 9-10mths unsexed. Offered to the person who buys the green tree monitor trio at a reduced prie of £650. The blue tree monitor will only become...
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    Argus monitor babies hatched 15th March ready early April. Will do deals on multiple
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    2ft bosc monitor for sale, ive had him for a couple of years ive tried to tame him but he's having non of it
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    Hi guys, i got a empty terrarium 120x100(h)x50 and want to fullfill my dream and finally get a monitor. I though about v. tristis orientalis but wonderd if i can put there something more beautiful like prasinus for example. I have few years of experience with lizards so i think i could deal...