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  1. DWA Species
    ive been looking at different morphs of naja kaouthia and am struggling to find which genes are dominant and which are recessive and whick are base morphs and which are combos the ones ive seen are sunsets suphan blizzard amel albino banded granite orange pastel golds sunglows are these base...
  2. DWA Species
    hi everyone i am very interested in cobras and would love to keep and breed them in the future and i would love to see your pictures of the, your stories about keeping them, any tips e.t.c thanks. xx
  3. DWA Species
    Monocled Cobra Naja kaouthia Monocled cobras are commonly found in the venomous hobby due to unique pattern and variety of color morphs available. This paper is based on my personal experience and observation while housing this species and is just my opinion. Housing a Monocled cobra can be...
1-3 of 3 Results