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  1. Snake Pictures
    Looove love my little snake man :flrt: thought I'd share some better photos of him with you guys. Here he is having a bath! Not seen any mites since the bath but some did drop off him :2thumb: thanked me with a nice big poop lol Got out the macro mode :mf_dribble:them scales! He looks like...
  2. Snake Pictures
    Hi I just wanted to show off my first ever snake, Monty...the Python :lol2: (I'm sure that's super unoriginal!) Bought him today, he was very shy at first, then explored everywhere and now he's found a spot on top of a branch and silk plant :flrt: so cute! It's going to feel like forever until...
  3. Snake Pictures
    As many of you know monty is by far my favorite snake, she was my first ever snake i walked into warrington pets and exotics the day before my birthday unsure of what i wanted... i instantly fell inlove with monty and that day she came home with me. well 10 months down the line and she is...
  4. Snakes
    come on admit it, how many have named a python Monty?:lol2: I have! and I have seen several others on this forum so lets have a count! Mine = 1
1-4 of 5 Results