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    For sale: CBUK (a rescue. Looks to be CB13-14) 1.0 Morelia bredli - £150 CB16 1.0 Morelia spilota sp., albino- £150 Please PM for images and further details. 26/08/21 EDIT: Price reduced
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    Are there any male rough scaled pythons available Message me cb17 min
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    Hi all. I'm looking to add to my collection from donny. Is anyone taking any gtp neo's to the show ? Any local considered really. Also. Is there anyone taking any diamond pythons ? I'm based in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire & don't mind traveling for the right animal. Thanks. Jase.
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    caramel albino carpet python male. Stunning snake and eats/sheds well.
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    Adult pair of Green Tree Pythons (Morelia viridis). Five years old. The male (on the hand) is part Jayapura. Female is Sorong. Both feed well, although the female will only feed on live. Both are easy to handle, during the day.
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    This is a CB2010 Gary Frank line proven breeder. i bred her in 2014 when she had a clutch of 7 eggs which all hatched very healthy, stunning hatchlings. Exceptional animal and ready to breed this season! She has a very steady temperament for a scrubby but still commands the highest respect...
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    Hey guys and gals, I need to rehome my Adult male DJJ, unfortunately after a motorcycle accident I have lost some use in my right hand and therefore am struggling with ensuring he is looked after properly and its just not fair on him. He is a pet, I cant remember his exact lineage but I know...
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    For sale 0.1 simalia nauta CB 2015. Patternless axanthic form, doing everything she should. £400 Happy to answer questions or send pictures via email [email protected] or 07884466665. Please no time wasters, these are rarely available so dont contact me unless you are genuinely...
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    I have 3 left over yearling carpets from CB16 available to clear some space. Female Albino £150 Female Albino Jaguar £175 Male Super Zebra £200 (usual wobble and small tail kink as with most super zebras) All animals eat very well, shed well etc and are substantial sized well established...
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    For sale 1.1 100% het Albino Carpet Pythons CB2011 (UK Pythons line) £250 the pair, eating, pooing and shedding fine. Nice examples and decent temperament. Reliable breeders have produced some lovely offspring. Any further info, pictures etc please feel free to contact via email or...
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    CB15 (18 months old) female bredli python. Healthy and doing everything she should. Any questions please ask. £80 Collection Methley. Local delivery available for fuel contribution. Happy to use reptile courier at buyers expense.
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    Hi, I need to create some space and so have to part with some jungle carpet pythons. Ranging in size from 24-36 inches. All feeding and doing all they should. No equipment included. Would prefer collection Start the new year, with a new addition! Cheers iain
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    For Sale 2.0 Albino Carpet Pythons CB2016 (UK Pythons line) £120 each ono. Taking defrost no problem, pooing and shedding fine. Nice examples and nice temperament. Doing everything they should. Also have mixed sexes of CB2016 poss hets left. Nicely marked animals, all doing well. £20 each...
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    I have the offspring from 2 clutches available £100 a pair or males £50 females £70. Individual animal pictures upon request. Lovely red adults. Any questions pm me
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    :welcome: 1.0 CB08/2016 Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi , Price: 80€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.0 born 06/2016 Morelia spilota 88% Jungle Jaguar after yellow female 75% JJ reduced pattern and pure german line cheynei from precision...
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    Hello guys, this is my Irian jaya carpet python, hope you enjoy the video :2thumb: :lol2:
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    0.0.15 CB16 Coastal x Jungle Carpet Pythons available. Can be sexed on request. Pick up either Bangor Northern Ireland or I will be attending 6th November Doncaster show. Willing to swap for almost any hatchling colubrid, particularly Garter Snakes and Hognoses. P.m or comment for more info!
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    For Sale 2.0 Albino Carpet Pythons CB16 (UK Pythons line) £140 each ONO. Taking Pinkies no problem, shedding and pooing fine. 1.0 Albino Carpet Python CB15 (UK Pythons line) £180 ONO. Taking large/jumbo mice, shedding and pooing fine. Nice examples and nice temperament. Also...
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    I took in this lovely girl around a year ago from a friend who was no longer in a position to care for her. Unfortunately I don't have the space for her anymore and I'd like to get her to a new home. From what I was told, she was born sometime in late 2012 and is a Jungle Carpet Python...
1-19 of 366 Results