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    hello! i'm new to all of this stuff so it would really help if someone could answer this! :) i study level two animal care at college and we're currently studying exotics. i couldn't concentrate in my last lesson, where we were learning about reptile morphs and locales. could someone please...
  2. Snakes
    Hi, I am new to learning the morphs of the Western Hognose and struggling to find online info. Can anyone recommend a guide? Id like to know what morphs are available and which morphs you have to cross to make another morph if that makes sense? TIA
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    Pairing was unrelated Nicaraguan motley het T+ X Nicaraguan T+. Based in the UK. Available I have.. Motley T+ (£145) T+ (£100) Motley het T+ (£90) Common het T+ (£50)
  4. Snakes
    There's a few royal python morphs I haven't seen in a while, so was wondering if they still pop up on occasion. Also, how much would they likely cost? What I'm thinking of is GHI Champagnes, Sonnet Balls and Sonnet Ball Spiders Any info would be greatly appreciated
  5. Snakes
    I am looking for the widest variety and the best quality. Is there such a thing as a price guide for morphs? Any help that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Snakes
    Hi just bought my first corn snake and she has a couple different morphs in her just wondered if you could help me understand what they all mean she is: : Anery Het Amel, Charcoal, Hypo, Motley Anery meaning absence of erythrism - the red pigment in their skin and scales if you could...
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    NIC DWARF BOA MORPHS WANTED Please PM only with what you have Sub Adult / Adults Only
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    All info can be found on my website
  10. Snakes
    So I was hoping for some suggestions. I've had snakes for few yrs now but recently decided to get some more to have a bit of fun breeding. This will be our first time breeding. I'm hoping for some suggestions as to what to pair him to. He's a Hypo Jungle Albino (Khal) Motley Columbian Boa (I...
  11. Snakes
    Hello, one of my cornsnakes has just laid a clutch of 20 eggs. We are unsure of the exact morphs of the parents, and therefore have no idea what to expect from the offspring. I was wondering if anyone could help with figuring out what morphs they are, and what morphs to expect from the...
  12. Snakes
    Hi all! I am new to both forums and snakes so please be nice :) I am looking to buy my first pet snake and have landed on getting a corn snake. I am looking to get a unique looking snake and have been considering several different morphs. My question is will the morph of the snake I get have...
  13. Lizards
    Hello, everyone. As the title suggests i'm wondering what lizards can live in a bearded dragons habitat. I have a bioactive viv suited to a bearded dragon. He passed away just over 2 months ago due to old age:cry:. I only had him for a few years but his previous owner got him at an unknown age...
  14. Snakes
    I have 4 month carpet. how to find out a morph of this carpet python ? Is there any methods ? Thanks.:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
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    Hi, Looking for sub/adult-adult female Pieds. Combos or singles. Really struggling to hunt a lady down. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Tom
  16. Breeding
    Hi guys, Just switched over to this forum. Has anyone crossed Mack snow with a Tangerine Hypo Het Tremper Albino or a Mack Snow with an Electric Tangerines Cross Hypo (66% Het for Diablo Blanco) there is a chance somewhere for abyssian electric tangerine crosses? but what are the other...
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    Royal pythons females: mojave - 800g - £50 flame - 1300g - £90 spider - 1200g - £70 fire - 11000g - £60 males: fire - 900g - £40 champagne - 1000g - £90 Weights are from a few months ago. Ask for it and for photos Also RUB's rack for 7 boxes with heat mats and habistat (only with snakes)...
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    Only the following are left for sale: Spimo Female - 1.2kg - £125 Mystic Male - 1.1kg - £45 Pastel Male - 1.1kg - £25 Ivory Female - 178g - £85 Yellowbelly Female - 318g - £25 Yellowbelly Female - 200g - £25 Yellowbelly Female - 168g - £25 Please pm me if you are interested. I can text...
  19. Snake Classifieds
    I have the following for sale. I can send pics on request. Adults: Ivory Female - 1.755kg - £150 Super Mojve Female - 2.18kg - £200 Spimo Female - 1.23kg - £150 Het Pied Female - 2.11kg - £50 Het Pied Male - 1.84kg - £20 Pastel Male - 1.11kg - £20 Mystic Male - 1.1kg - £50 Yellow belly het...