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  1. Planted Vivariums
    I want to grow moss in my crested gecko vivarium but have no idea how. I've researched it. Bought live spaghnum moss. Bought frog moss. No idea how to make it work. I want to grow nice green moss mainly just for decorative purposes, which type of moss do i need ? How do I attach it to...
  2. Amphibians
    I am pretty new to Dendrobates, and I am coming from fish keeping so I was thinking: Is it ok to forage for leaf litter, forest hummus, mud, moss, etc from the woods? I have a reserve near my home. I already do it in anaerobic filtration and for biodiversity in fishtanks, also use it for my...
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    We're having a chat, in Amphibians / 'Show Us Your Terraria', or similar. Conversation's come round to moss. Anyone know the right light for moss, please? Personally speaking; I'd be keeping Bufo bufo under it too. Thanks.
  4. Snakes
    Hey guys, Hope everyone's good. I have a few questions about moss. I've read this is good to use for 'problem shedders', but not really necessary for snakes that are shedding normally. Are there any drawbacks to providing a moss hide for a snake? I was thinking providing it anyway would add...
  5. Lizards
    I've been setting up a crested gecko tank (I am getting my first crested gecko in a couple months and want the tank established first) and have put sphagnum moss (purchased from a pet store and is safe for reptile enclosures) in the tank, however the moss stinks! I cleaned it correctly and don't...
  6. Lizards
    I was wondering if it was ok to get moss from rocks in the garden and put them in the gecko tank?
  7. Amphibians
    Hi all, I need to replace the moss in my PDF tanks as its looking a bit past it and doesn't seem to want to turn green, I've been looking at the dried moss bricks and the live moss sheets that are available, please could someone tell me which would be better for immediate use in my tanks? As...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi I got some Live moss for sale here. It is fern moss. Perfect for terrarium or vivarium. Just keep it damp and not to much light and it will grow
  9. Amphibians
    Hiya Looking for some advice on growing moss outside vivariums, for example could I grow Java in an aquarium and then plant directly into a Vivarium? Or should it be grown on a substrate? I do have a light or two spare but wouldn't mind borrowing the sun if possible! Cheers.
  10. Amphibians
    Hi All, What is everyones thoughts on using moss from outside in a dart frog viv? I am in Kent and work in a unit which sits in 8 acres of old vintage orchard. Nothing has been sprayed or treated for at least the last 10 years for sure. We have some old corrugated metal and some real nice...
  11. Lizards
    What do you guys use to fill your lizards moist hide? Have been told to use a few different things, mostly vermiculite or sphagnum moss. What is your preferred material and why?
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    Wired Moss Vine Natural Habitat Decor Insect Care Climbing Aid Humidity Aid £6 per meter – Bromsgrove Excellent for arboreal insects, inverts, mantis, moths, butterflies, spiders, tarantulas. Exploit all areas of pet housing. Aid for roaming prey stimulate hunting behaviour, egg laying, mating...
  13. Misc Reptile & Exotics Classifieds
    Jungle habitat natural decoration and excellent for raising humidity as its made with natural materials ie real moss. X2 seperate wired 1 metre lengths twisted together - log not included. Each length is approx 1'' thick approx. Please see my other as. Unique handmade by me. Heat humidity...
  14. Lizards
    I use Moss mat on the bottom of my leos tank instead of sand and so far its been good but tonight while feeding her I noticed that she sometimes misses her food and bites into the moss and then other times when worms have attached themselves to the bottom they carry tiny pieces of it in their...
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    :welcome: handmade moss vine freestyle & wired & arboreal provisions. NEW DESIGN COIR SUSPENSION BRIDGES which can be found here with original decor items = secretdragonwatergarden on eBay and click on items for sale.
  16. Amphibians
    Just wanted to ask what moss grows most effectively with moderate misting and good light. I am at uni but have a terrarium slowly growing while I am away from home, this means that when I get back I will have a 3 year grown in terrarium :). However, it also means that my mum is misting and quite...
  17. Planted Vivariums
    Hey guys, Setting up a 45 cubed exo terra for my pygmy chameleon. Ive already done a gorilla glue background, my questions are 1) How do i attach fiscus to a gorilla glue background so it grows up it and 2) How do i attach the moss? Can i use a little bit of silicon to attach moss? 3) Whats the...
  18. Amphibians
    What substrates do people use in the water to help plant growth and keep water crystal?
1-18 of 106 Results