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mossy frogs

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    Saw these today in a shop. Are they common ? How easy are they to keep ? I guess they must breed in captivity as this guy specilises in CB. Thanks.
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    I have available x2 CB2011 juvi Vietnamese Mossy Frogs (Theloderma Corticale) About 2months old, eating 2nd & 3rd size crickets. Super little frogs (ask Chondro13 she recently bought some from me). £40 each Buyer to collect from Sheffield or arrange own courier. if you have any...
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    I paid £45 each for these vietnam mossy frogs asking £90 for for all three thats £30 each:gasp::mf_dribble:
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    VIETNAMESE mossy tree frogs for sale stunning around a 1 inch at the moment growing and eating fine. pick up from south yorkshire £130 for all 3.
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    Wanted female theloderma corticale please contact with details if any are available thank you
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    Hi all! I'm in the process of keeping dart frogs (among other beasties..) at the mo, but had contact from a keeper in the states (ive no idea how much he knows on the subject) he had a fairly decent sized viv, however what he was keeping in the same viv was 4 dart frogs (all different...