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    A group of four Vietnamese Mossy frogs (Theloderma corticale) for sale. They are far too young to sex but hopefully there will be a mixture of males and females to breed from. They morphed from tadpoles about ten weeks ago and have been growing well. Eating small crickets. Will only sell as a...
  2. Amphibian Classifieds
    I have a few Vietnamese Mossy Frog tadpoles available for Kempton as I must clear out the rearing tank during the refit of our facility. I'm not sure exactly how many there are but at least 5 large nearing metamorphosis, so these are available as a group of 5 for £125. Sorry, no splits, 1&2's...
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    Unknown locale, pretty male. Loves Pangea and crickets
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    Mainland pair, cb11 Sale or trade for R leachianus
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    Troeger line Mainland male cb13 Red line Mainland female cb13 (unrelated to male) £350 for the pair Mainland male cb12 Mainland female cb12 £300 for the pair Pine Island Male cb10 (Gex files) Pine Island female cb12 £350 for the pair No single females Possible trades for R leachianus or...
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    Was hoping to hold onto these guys, but no longer possible: Sage - Mainland male, chunky lad 2012 - £150 Lewey - PI Male 2009, big and chunky, proven breeder - £200 Heidi - Unknown locale female 60g age unknown, dark moss green - £165 - slight underbite, proven breeder Fern - unknown locale...
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    Pure Pine Island male CB 12 Collection only. Courier is fine at buyers arrangement and expense
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    Pure mainland male CB 12 Collection only. Courier is fine at buyers arrangement and expense
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    Reluctant sale, but I am very male heavy. Lovely lad, approx 4yrs, handles well. Ready to breed
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    cb13 - selling as unsexed, but I suspect male Pick up only, or via reptile courier at buyers expense and arrangement
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    Hi I am selling my pair of mossy geckos. They have just started breeding. I am looking for £250 for the pair. PM me if you are interested. Rob
  12. Lizard Pictures
    Recent photo of Floss my home breed female Chahoua at 14 months
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    I am selling my Crested Geckos and my Mossy Geckos. I have a breeding quartet of Cresties 3:1 females to males and I am looking for £300 for the group but would consider selling separately. I also have a breeding pair of Mossys and would be looking for £300 but again would consider selling...
  14. Lizards
    Looking at getting either a Malaysian Cat or Mossy and just after people's personal experience on either of these....... Have read plenty of fact sheets on both and I am loaded up to the hilt with info but would like a bit of owner info and opinions on these stunning little creatures...... I...
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    CB12 Male mossy gecko. Very pretty. Selling as unknown locale. Only selling as I am male heavy. Will not hold without a deposit.
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    male Pine island mossy geckos approx. 18 - 20 months old ,very happy healthy chap this little guy loves been out and about ,he eats fine poops and sheds when he should. only parting with this chap because our breeding plans for next year have change,we are concentrating on crestie morphs.Needs...
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    male pine island mossy gecko approx. 18-24 months old excellent temprement,loves been out and about,ideal for any breeding project,we were going to start breeding these but are concentrating on our cresties.He is a lovely guy must go to good knowledgable home.: victory:: victory: wrong price...
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    male mossy gecko,approx 2 years captive bred pine island chahoua ,lovely little chap this eats ,sheds,poops fine,loves been out and a out and easily handled, was going to breed these in the future but plans have changed concentrating on cresties,
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    Looking for a female chahoua for my male, can collect from Kempton :flrt::flrt::flrt:
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    Hey there, I'm currently on the look out for White Collar Pine Island Chahouas, or high quality Pine Islands. I've searched high and low for any examples for sale in the UK but have come up empty handed thus far save for one breeder. I am potentially after multiple geckos, so this post is very...