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    male mossy(chihaoua ) gecko for sale approx. 18 months old ,Woody is a super cool gecko eats poops and sheds no problem he is such an easy going gecko doesn t mind being handled enjoys being let out of his viv.we were going to start a breeding programme next year but have decided to concentrated...
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    reluctant sale of Rhacodactylus chahoua commonly known as the Mossy New Caledonian gecko .Woody is 18 months old he loves been out and about eats live food and a little fruit only selling as I need the room to concentrate on my red morphs of crested geckos. Woody will only be going to a...
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    Hey guys, I've been looking into Chahouas recently and as you may know there are two different locales, the mainlands and the pine island. Everywhere I've looked, mainlands are described as having short snouts and large eyes, conversely, pine islands have long snouts and smaller eyes. Whenever...
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    I am selling my 2 Mossy Geckos 1 male 1 female with their viv an exo terra 18" wide 18" deep 24". Please get in touch if interested as I am willing to listen to offers. Rob
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    We've had him for nearly three years now and in them three years, due to buying more pets we've needed to rearrange the room a few times to fit their vivs in as best we could, and only over the last 2 or 3 months we've noticed he's not been 'peeping' (making that peeping sound) nearly as often...
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    Sadly, due to poor health, I have to let some of my animals go :cry: Mossy Gecko (Male, 3 years old, 48g) - £110 Gorgeous colours - pale greens and peaches to reds and browns. He's very tame and a joy to handle. Very inquisitive and active at night. I will put him on hold only if a...
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    Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have any dwarf/pied mossy frog adult females (Theloderma asperum) available?
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    I have a male Mossy Gecko (R.chahoua) for sale. He is around 2 years of age, around 8 inches long, 51g and he comes from Germany i have had him for a year. I'm selling as i no longer have quite as much time to care for him due to new work commitments, I would like £170 for him, he would come...
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    Well, there's a few of these "The________Thread"'s so i thought id make one for the Chahoua. I know that these arent as commonly kept as other New Caledonian geckos (C.ciliatus/R.auriculatus), so i thought id make a thread for all the keepers and potential keeps to share info, findings, pics etc...
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    Who on here OWNS chahouas? Not used to, but actually has one or more?
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    Mossy Gecko – R.Chahoua FEMALE CB11 (June) £150. I will deliver within reason for fuel costs or can meet up.
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    Mossy Gecko – R.Chahoua FEMALE CB11 (April) Has a very slight overshot bottom jaw. £120. I will deliver within reason for fuel costs or can meet up.
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    Mossy Gecko – R.Chahoua MALE CB11 (April) Has a slight mark on its nose. £80. I will deliver within reason for fuel costs or can meet up.
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    Why are these girls so hard to find? and so rare? is it a genetic problem, or something else? I have NEVER seen a female for sale alone, always comes with a male. this is understandable as ive seen a million males for sale, and guessing that selling with a female is the only way to shift them...
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    This is my little mossy i got from Suez not to long ago. :)
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    I have my 2.5month old mossy in a exo next to my adult cresties, and these two have been like this allday. No signs of aggression but its the first time iv seen the mossy out through the day. The crestie is female if it makes a difference. Should i put a piece of cardboard between the two?
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    Stunning juvenile male available. CB2012 The photo does very little justice to his striking pattern. Beatiful, flawless animal. Growing fast, shedding and feeding very well. From Canadian bloodlines. Will consider trade for an adult male striped sikorae. Courier is possible at buyer's risk...
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    This is my gorgeous new mossy from Suez. Pure Pine Island chewy.
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    I am selling a male white collare pure pine isle rhac chewie (chahoua). These are a lovely rhac species with the same care as cresties & gargoyles. The white collar is still quite rare and unusual, it can only be found on true pure P.I's. I brought hin recently from a very good keeper but due to...
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    I have 1 Mossy Gecko (R.chahoua) for sale. He is showing some very nice colouring. I am asking £130 for him as he is nearly 2 now and is ready for breeding.