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    I myself love bikes! I own a Honda CBR 125 R not the best bike in the world just a little get around until i do my full test! Use to own a Yamaha R125 but that sadly got stolen :cry: Anywho let me know what bike you got pictures would be great! :2thumb:
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    Hi guys I've got a gilera DNA 125 in blue for sale it's not taxed or moted it's currently not starting but thats due to having no coolant I'm open to offers if you want it for parts just send me an offer no matter if you think it's silly the worst ill say is no
  3. Fun
    What motorbikes do you own/like? hey peoples :welcome: Okay so we all share the same reptile interest, how about sharing some more interests. Possibly motorbikes? I want to see pictures of your beautiful motorbikes!!! unfortunately I am only 19 and due to UK laws you have to be over 21 to...
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    weather was horrible....... but was great fun anyway.... loads more on a set in Flickr if anyone interested.... Thanks for looking
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    Except it should be look out for Bikers. I don't care about cyclists, run them over all you want.
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    cant get the bloody thing offf to charge my battery, gunna break it if i carry on, cant get the bloody thing off! anyone know how to?
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    Silverstone this weekend for the MotoGp? Ill be there in one of the Paddock Suits (lucky Me)
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    I saw a post up for peeps near brighton buti was thinkin how many peeps are on here that live in or near romford. We should all join mass groups or summink jus for a bit of fun. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE:2thumb::no1::flrt: PLEASEEE