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    need sum new friends on both feel free to add me MSN: [email protected] GTalk: [email protected]
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    Hi all i need to rant. I really like this guy and i just couldnt find the courage to tell him so i logged on to msn as a different person. Ive now spoke on the phone to him . so if i go back to the real me hes gonna know it was the other person. OMG what have i done. I feel so down about it...
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    Scrap that got it working now:blush:
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    Hey guys i did a thread similar to this a few years ago and thought as there is bound to be members who have joined since then that have msn. So if you want a chat about reptiles or anything feel free to add me, just leave a post saying what your account name is so i can tell who you are :) Matt
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    Adds anyone? Il talk about absolutely anything :D