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multimammate mice
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    African soft furred rats/mice for sale. Males and females. Weaned or ready to breed available. £5 each. South Wales Sa10
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    Fancy mice Males £1 each or 10 for £5 females £3 each deals on large amounts Multis £1 each :2thumb:
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    Frozen Multi's Based in Telford small 10-20g £0.80 each (20) medium 20-30g £1.05 each (4) large 30-40g £1.30 each (4) x large 45g+ £1.60 each (2) Discount on multiples.
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    Hi i have 40 live multimammates male and female ready to breed soon. Need to cut down on my stock as ive broken my ankle so need gone asap. These have been fed on seeds grains and a good mixed diet with hay fresh foods and chew things as well took longer to grow but then i no my snakes are...
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    Here at Scales and Fangs, we have been working hard setting up a breeding facility of Multimammates. We are pleased to announce that we have now added the first stocks to the website and are available NOW We can also provide a small number of Multi Pinks in packs of 10. We also have a limited...
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    25 female multis mix of adults and well grown on £30
  7. Food Classifieds
    I am selling a colony of multis consisting of 4 females and 2 males, females are heavily pregnant and breeding all the time. Open to sensible offers or swaps
  8. Food Classifieds
    live multimammate mice and white mice wanted let me know how many you have and how much you want for them.
  9. Food Classifieds
    Looking for female multimammate mice in the north east area to be kept as pets :) all ages are okay I have 3 female mice already but I am looking for more as I adore them :) please let me know if you are selling any
  10. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hi I'm after one or two female multi's ideally babies to go in with my male fancy mouse as company. I've been told on a mouse forum that multi's and fancy mice can live together but won't breed. So if anyone has any local to Swadlincote Derbyshire please pm me with details. Thank you.
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    we are selling multi breeding groups, great for anyone starting up their own breeding colonies for feeding. these are all young animals and not yet been bred from. 10 females and 3 males £38 15 females and 4 males £60 20 females and 5 males £82 single males and females £3.50 each collection...
  12. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    we have many multis for sale, both males and females available mostly young adults. pickup from birmingham £3.50 each pm for more info
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    I have 13 males and 1 all whites dark eyed 12 females and 2 all whites dark eyed Can sort unrelated groups if needs be.. I have 3 un related colour groups And 1 unrelated white group £2.50 each coloured £5 each all white dark eyed Discounts.. 4-9 coloureds @ £2.40 each 10+ coloureds @...
  14. Feeder
    Is there anything I need to be giving a female who is nursing young by way of supplementing the diet?
  15. Snakes
    Apart from TSM & A&N is there anywhere else online that sell Multimammate's cheap? One of my Royals i have got feeding again but on multi's (at least she's feeding!!!). Very happy with the order i got today from TSM but would like to know of other suppliers should they not have any when i next...
  16. Food Classifieds
    i have a bag of good quality frozen multis for sale 25 in the bag for £20 all a good size.these are great for fussy royals. its like chocolate to them,they just cant resist :thumb:
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    i have a bag of good quality frozen multis for sale 25 in the bag for £20 all a good size.these are great for fussy royals. its like chocolate to them,they just cant resist :thumb:
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    i have for sale a small colony of multis for sale there about 4 at 5months old and about 15 weaners running around,getting rid as dont need multis no more.£15 for the lot.
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    baby multis £1.50each
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    I have sexed trios of multis available for breeding or feeding. Collection from Hampshire or I can meet in Hemel on Saturday mornings.
1-20 of 20 Results