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  1. Feeder
    Frozen Multi's Based in Telford small 10-20g £0.80 each (20) medium 20-30g £1.05 each (4) large 30-40g £1.30 each (4) x large 45g+ £1.60 each (2) Discount on multiples.
  2. Food Classifieds
    Dont suppose anyone in the Suffolk area can hook me up with a breeding group of multis? :2thumb:
  3. Food Classifieds
    Due to non collection I have 20 female and 12 male live multimammates.wanting 1.35 each but open to offers on all need gone asap. I've dramatically cut down on my breeding multis only keeping 2 groups now as my royals don't want them now so I've no need for them myself . Collection sleaford...
  4. Exotic Mammals
    Hey guys, Quick question on something. I have just acquired a breeding group of multi's. So wanted to just read and read everything on these guys to succeed in doing so. And I stumbled on something to do with a virus? 'Lassa virus is present in wild multimammate rats (Mastomys species)...
  5. Food Classifieds
    Hey, looking for some BEW multis, anyone know where I can get some? Near London or Swindon preferably but willing to travel! Thanks
  6. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    I have for sale some multis, they are breeding quicker than I can feed them off and I don't require any more breeding groups, at the moment I have enough extra multis to make up around 10 breeding groups of 1.3 male/female ratio. A group will be priced at £15, will do deals on multiples and may...
  7. Snakes
    if anyone knows or who sells multis or rats in london or near as contact me please
  8. Food Classifieds
    Hi I've got hopper - adult live multi's for sale £1 each
  9. Food Classifieds
    Hi I'm producing too many rodents at the min so need to thin it out. For Sale 1:2 Breeder rats. £10 Weaned - adult live rats and multi's £1 each
  10. Food Classifieds
    I could do with a few new trios of Multimammates as near as possible to the North Somerset area. Cheers Andy
  11. Exotic Mammals
    ok so i woke up yesterday and one of my breeder females was dead,we think it might have been the substrate we were using so has now been changed to eco bedding but my question is we have one breeder female left with 1 breeder male and loads of babies at various ages would it be ok to introduce...
  12. Feeder
    Hi, Does anyone know what the babies will be like if I breed a BEW multi with an Agouti one? If you can point me into the right direction to a multi genetics calculator or similar that would be great! Thanks
  13. Food Classifieds
    Hi does anyone have any frozen juvenile/adult multis for sale? Ideally within 15 miles of Croydon/Sutton/ South London/Surrey. Can collect Many thanks :) :flrt:
  14. Food Classifieds
    These are African soft-furred rats or better known as Multimammates. They are wonderful pets as they are very friendly and very tame.kept many rodents and these creatures fascinate me as they are so curious and alert! My snake loves them. The babies I have are about 4 months old and reaching...
  15. Food Classifieds
    Live or frozen available. Pm me or text me what you need for a quote. Collection only. 07793008310 Thanks. Frankie.
  16. Misc Reptile & Exotics Classifieds
    Nearly new, solid & sturdy, 16x tub (maternity) rodent rack with shelf, suitable for mice/multi's. Dimensions are: 105cm High, 100cm Wide & 33cm Deep (3.5 x 3.5ft) 1/4inch wire mesh. Works great. Can include some water bottles/food/multi's - all for £100! Thanks. Rodent Rack x 16 (with bits &...
  17. Food Classifieds
    1.3 adult breeder multis available - about 5 months old, proven breeders. Also we may have youngsters of various sexes/ages available soon (currently being grown on). Located in Wiltshire, close to Somerset border.
  18. Feeder
    Hi guys. Thinking of changing over to multimammates from rats due to changing supplier. What are size equivalents? More specifically, what is the size equiv of a large rat fluff in multis? Hope this is the right place to find answers. =x
  19. Food Classifieds
    I am looking for some multimammates and mice to start up my own feeder breeding colony. I am hoping for anything up to 20 in total (of each species) They need to be fairly local (and really within London if possible) as at the moment I do not drive and cannot travel too far. If anyone has any...
1-19 of 58 Results