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  1. Snakes
    Hey! I'm new to this reptile forum but thought it was a great place to start with people who probably know a lot more than what I do about snakes. Its not for certain yet that I'm defiantly getting a snake, however, if I do I want to make sure that I know absolutely everything. I know some...
  2. Lizards
    It's always intregued me how and why people pick the names they do for their pets, mine gets some deep consideration which is possibly quite sad lol. Still I thought may be a quick fun chat as I'm all out of applications today and have given in to my forum urges. So do tell me who, what and why????
  3. Lizards
    i am struggling to name my iguana as i am unsure of sex at this moment in time due to him/her being too young. i have created a survey (idea given by other posts) some names that have already been suggested have been put up for vote. the top most common answer will be chosen, there is a space...
  4. Lizards
    Help meee! Im getting a bearded dragon very soon. But cant think of a name! Its a male. Cheers. :2thumb:
  5. Snakes
    hey everyone i need some help ove recently got a royal pyton hes male and i have no idea what to call him and could use some suggestions please as i cant keep calling him little fella LOL i love strange and exotic names
  6. Snakes
    OMG I get my hoggie in 4 days!!! So exited, setup has been ready over a week now i was that eager! So, only thing left is to name the little bugger! Its a cb11 male normal western hognose. Got one snake called sid, so possibly something beginning with s will work good :) Go for it, daftest and...
  7. Snakes
    ok so we brought 6 new snakes from the show yesterday i have named 5 of them and now there is just my 1.0 stripe corn snake to name i was thinking of slash but not sure ............ any more ideas would be great :)
  8. Lizards
    Help me!!! I'm terrible with names :( At the moment, she is called 'new folder' :lol2: Here she is: Thanks :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb:
  9. Lizards
    Hey folks, i recently got hold of an Australian Water Dragon which happened to be the same age and size as my two CWD's. The CWD's are Male (Named Bubble) and female (Named Squeek), however im stuck for names now. I am unsure of the sex at the moment but imo it seems like a female, although...
  10. Snakes
    Got a wee Hoggie today(from member, Modified)...can't really decide on a name!! I've got a few ideas of my own, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas, or if you liked any of the names i'd thought of?? He's a typical wee hoggie...full of huff and puff! i've narrowed him down to 3...
  11. Lizards
    Today I'm getting my first reptile; a Bearded Dragon!!! I can't figure out a name for him, but i think "Blazer The Beardie" would be cool or just "blazer". ANY advice on what to name him?
  12. Snakes
    come on admit it, how many have named a python Monty?:lol2: I have! and I have seen several others on this forum so lets have a count! Mine = 1
  13. Lizards
    I was wondering what the most inappropriate name anyone has for their reps? I have Fluffy and Spot for Leopards Geckos but to be fair thats not that "out there"
  14. Lizards
    As the title says. I am looking for a name for my soon to be gargoyle gecko. I have a rabbit(bob), Ginuea Pig(Bernard), One Budgie(Harvey), Another Budgie (Ernest) and cat pheobe (and about 100 mealworms but didn't bother to name these^^) Soo.. Im not just randomly telling you my pets names...
1-14 of 14 Results