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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    :welcome: I am a happy owner of a Crested Gecko and I thought I’d treat him to a new bigger home as he has out grown his old one. (I am ore of a snake guy but the other half is petrified of them, so its was choosing between her or a snake. I know, tough choice to make :flrt:::lol2:::flrt...
  2. Planted Vivariums
    Hi everyone, so I have posted a few times on getting this far. Thanks to everyone's posts which helped me get to this point. After previously thinking of getting 2 small vivs I decided to get a single one. I have the largest Exo Terra (36*18*36) and I plan to keep 3 female crested geckos in it...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
  4. IHS Doncaster
    Hi all :welcome: We will attend IHS show in June (Doncaster 22/6/2014). If you would like to pre-order some vivariums (full-setup, part-setup or backgrounds only), please contact us and we will deliver them to show for free. Best Regards, Team DDReptiles
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    Here we have my pride a joy vivarium I spent close to 4 months designing and building myself a couple of summers ago for my ackies. Unfortunally due to me having to leave home and continue my studdies at university, I will need to find a new home for it this summer. As I am unsure what the...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    Habitat Australian, Mexican and African desert Middle-East semi-desert North American and European dry forest African grassland, Australian savanna South American, African and Southeast Asian rainforest Coastal and tropical island Rainforest river habitat Lava field habitat * Minimum...
  7. Equipment Classifieds
    Size: 700 x 400 x 500 mm (28x16x20inch) Great size natural vivarium for reptiles living in desert and semi-desert area. Vivarium comes with internal Light unit and UV-A tube (6500K,18W). We recommend it for desert geckos, Northern Curly-tailed Lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus), corn snake and...
  8. CREAKS Shows
    Hi all. We're going to CREAKS in December. Here are some vivs what we have in-stock for sale. You can reserve them and we can bring them for you to the show. Prices and details are on our website. We're looking forward to see you all there. Vivariums in-stock | DDReptiles Shop
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    NATURAL BACKGROUNDS FOR PRIVATE BREEDERS, REPTILE SHOPS, TRADERS - 35% discount with every order - Minimum to order 5 backgrounds + custom made, + various shapes, colours, and material (different locations) available + mounting options for plants; creation of hides, terraces, tunnels, caves...
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi. We have some biotope vivariums for sale. Those are for tarantula. Different natural decoration and backgrounds. You can collect it in York or in IHS show in September (Doncaster). Please, visit our website. There is more interesting things to buy. Regards, Team DDReptiles Reptile...
1-10 of 10 Results