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    The following are for sale: Adult male orange ghost stripe (Proven, has sired 1 or 2 clutches this year. Very small and slender, maybe 8ft.) - £3000 Adult male orange ghost stripe goldenchild (Proven) - £6500 Adult male anthrax (2010 hatch, bred by NERD) - £900 Adult male dwarf/SD...
  2. Snakes
    Hi guys, quite possibly a thick question but... i have just got a male axanthic bred from 2 NERD line het axanthics ( also mine now) i understand that the line indicates which breeders gene pool they are from but would it be possible to mate him with a VPI axanthic or a MJ one or what have you...
  3. Snakes
    both beautiful in different ways. Which line do you like more or do you care? I have no preference but then I'm not into breeding. Mine is the Graziana(front) and the other is my friends Nerd(back) Graziani on top Second coil Graziani
  4. Snakes
    I have recently got a pastel het orange ghost male and am looking out for a female to put him too. I have noticed there are two different lines of orange ghost, Nerd and Noah. can you cross these two different lines of orange ghost and produce visuals or do you have to stick to the same lines...
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    Here we have the angel dust one of the best looking morphs of royal pythons (second being the flatline) its stunning bred by nerd what gene's do you thinks in it?
  6. Snakes
    what the guys at NERD in the states are up to the genetics are sick NERD 2011 part 3 - YouTube :gasp:
  7. Snakes
    here you go, some amazing royals on show here: NERD 2011 part 3 - YouTube
  8. Snakes
    i have a 2011 female nerd line lemon pastel and might be moving soon so will have to downsize collection and so i have no idea what sort of pric this snake would go for as i bought it as part of a deal? any ideas this is not defo just likely thanks in advance
  9. Snakes
    Just been watching a guys video, and he said his albino was NERD line... Got me thinking, if NERD put a HC Albino to a HC Albino, and a private breeder did the same, why would the one from NERD be called NERD line? What makes them actually any different other than where they were produced...
  10. General Herp Chat
    Hey all i thought i pop in to let you all now, tommorrow Redneck herp,s radio is having kevin from NERD on as a special guest call in number is (646) 200-0190 Redneck Herps Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio :gasp::mf_dribble::mf_dribble::mf_dribble::mf_dribble:
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    08 nerd lemon pastel female. tricky feeder.for more info and pics pleasse pm. £225ono thankyou
1-11 of 11 Results