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  1. Lizard Pictures
    Recently bought my new bosc from croydon reptiles was lucky enough to get my camera fixed now here are some pics of the lil guy :) Would like to thank Mark for the great guy :)
  2. Lizards
    Well im glad to say ive finally got my bosc, picked it up from croydon reps only been nipped twice lol but he is getting alot better with handling already - would of posted some pics but camera is dead grr :( thought id post and share the love :flrt:
  3. Lizards
    YAAY well i am picking up my baby bosc friday morning and i cant wait my 2 brothers have a bearded dragon and a L Gecko, haha now my turn any tips on how many times to change his viv interious and what would the best stuff to lay down???? i am starting him off in a 2ft viv and will be building...
1-3 of 3 Results