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  1. Lizard Pictures
    My little baby crestie just arrived and i just put "it" in my viv. Thought i would show you all some pictures! :) I must say its TINY! only 3 months old. I cant really decide if its a pinstripe/extreme harly or a mix of both really. - - Got it from LillyExotics: Lillyexotics...
  2. Lizards
    Well at PRAS I did the one thing that I have always told myself I would never do. I brought an animal with no prior research :blush: I wouldnt of got it but it was so cute and I have wanted a crestie for ages. So really I have after a bit of advice! I have done a fair bit of research and...
  3. Lizard Pictures
    just got a New crestie today - my second in 2 weeks :s Hes a Buckskin i think - and fires up a blue colour as seen in the first photo - also i think hes male, he is 6grams - but has what appears to be the start of a bump under his tail, i tried to catch in the last photo but dont know how well...
  4. Lizards
    venturing into crestie teritory evening all at the mo iv'e got a 11 month old veiled called pamy(the eyes resemble a certen part ov a certain celebs best assets lol)and a 5 month old cwd (no name as yet)but now i've been researching cresties up until recently gekos havn't realy appealed to me...
  5. Lizard Pictures
    This is my first ever reptile, and its a crested gecko it is called Mojo. Sorry the pics aren't fired up but I didn't have my camera to hand when he/she was the other day so this is the best I can do for now, Thanks.
  6. Lizards
    im now the owner of a baby crestie it is so sweet but im new to the crestie so any info about them would be great i know the basics i am also wanting a really good name can you help in picking me a name thanks
  7. Lizards
    Hi, Just wondering is everyone so paranoid with a new pet? Ive had pets before but this is my first reptile and its making me so nervous. Ive been watchin like mad incase naythings wrong, its been hiding in leaves all the while, I caught it wandering round last night while I was in bed watchin...
  8. Lizard Pictures
    Isn't she beautiful! And so orange! I wasn't expecting her to be so bright when fired up! Now i don't know what to call her... suggestions? (i like proper names rather than pet names, if you get me) :D
  9. Lizards
    Just come off the phone to my dad, who has just picked up my new girl crestie! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get her home! :2thumb: Although it's gonna be around half 10 by the time he gets home, I can't wait that long! I'm such a little kid when it comes to getting new pets! :flrt:
1-9 of 9 Results