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  1. Snake Pictures
    So this is Pippin, just picked him up today and took a few (not great) pics. Hopefully I'll get some better ones in the future. A bit of attitude
  2. Snakes
    The latest addition to the hoard : victory: Thanks very much Paul, so pleased with the little guy. The colours and markings look so much better in the flesh :notworthy:
  3. Snakes
    This is Loki, my little lavender het diffused boy, he's soooo sweet!! :flrt: and here he is having his first dinner with me :) I'm in love!! also while I'm here, I'm thinking about maybe breeding Loki when he's older. what would you lovely people put with his morph and what would...
  4. Snakes
    Traveled on Sunday for 3 hours round trip to get this guy, well worth it that's the first time i have held him probably since I've had him. Made up with it thanks Jase : victory: 2010 male hypo boa 66%het sunglow
  5. Snake Pictures
    Hi all, iv been away for a while, and in that time my missus has bought me 2 new snakes...yes the same misses that kept saying no more snakes, no more snakes, shes actualy bought more snakes than I have now lol, any way here they are. Nzuri. and Sonora. Thanks for looking.
1-5 of 5 Results