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nic dwarf
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    For Sale is My CA Ghost Nicaraguan 07 0.1 bred by John Berry and the very snake that is in his Designer Morphs book in the picture added. I have tried to breed her but unfortunately timing wasn't on my side and she had 9 slugs, not the result i was hoping for before sale but thats the way the...
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    For sale T+Albino Nicaraguan CB11 Female Tom Burke Line. She Eats & Sheds Fine, currently 1 Weaner rat a week. male was sold recently check my feedback. The Price is £249 for Snake only or £250 with Viv. Please don't spend all day chatting to me and wasting my time if at the end you are going...
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    Selling one of my females to fund another carpet (I'm hooked :lol2:). Picked at Kempton last year. Feeding well on large mice and currently in a rub which can go with her but will need up-sizing soon. As a true dwarf her maximum length should be around 4ft. I'm looking for £80 for her or near...
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    2010 male hypo Nic
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    Astrid has shed and is looking so pretty! My other female Hild is just coming up for a shed to.
1-6 of 6 Results