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    Have not been on RFUK for ages......but I am back now :) have a number of dwarf boas for sale and can supply pics/details etc (unless you are a comedian or a collector of poorly taken iphone pics : victory: ) I have: adult pair of t+ nics (male is a sunglow) adult pair of wild type crawl cay...
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    As the title says any dwarf boas for sale Manchester area,Cheers
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    Males and females available. 7 in total but only 4 have taken 5+ feeds. Pairing for a nic x nic
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    Thought id put a few pics up of my babys nics a bred this year. They are all little cuties! Got a feeling I may have to keep one!
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    I am going through a seriously rough time at the moment so I figure it is time to thin down my collection and only keep a few until I am more financially stable to build up my collection again. I am selling her my breeding pair of Nicaraguan Boas, bought from Rude Boas, Sid and Nancy are true...
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    Im advertising in advance realy at the moment as some have not started feeding. I have 7x stunning baby nics for sale soon born on 20th August from a nic x nic pairing. A Few of them have a black band going around their nose which is quite unusual as the mother and father dont have this. 3 are...
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    i have for sale 1x male nic t+ albino and 1x female het albino t+ for sale the had a litter with a anery male this year 11 live 2 still borns and 1 slug both eating well and doing every thing they should be £375 for the pair can courier at buyers exspense
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    FOR SALE 1.1 Tom Burke Line T + Albino Nics Early 2011, Healthy Striking Eaters. They are to sell either on their own as a pair or with 2 separate Vivs Prices are £600 pair with vivs or £500 pair on own with no vivs.Open to Sensible Offers Vivs are 2ft x 18in x 18in, Complete with Habistat...
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    This is the new rack some of my baos have recently moved in to. I got it from my mate Chris (ez4pro on here), which he had specially made a few years back. I will be making a few changes. 1) The wood will be replaced with aluminium sheets and have airholes in them. 2) The wiring will be...
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    REDUCED FINAL REDUCTION well worth this money for a pair 07920163858 click link for info and pics
1-10 of 10 Results