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    As the title says I have a nile monitor for sale around 4 yrs old, it's not friendly on land but in the water it will allow to to interact. Has part of it's tail missing as seen in the pics, the sale does not include an enclosure. Any further questions please feel free to pm me.
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    FOR SALE 4ft, male Nile Monitor... Very Tame, can be handled... No Viv included so will need a Viv for him... £60 ono or change for a snake... Any questions please ask...
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    Nile monitor about 2.5ft for sale £40 Ono Beardie male adult £20 Ono Collection only.
  4. Lizards
    My boyfriend and I just got a baby Nile Monitor the other day from a reptile convention. We have bearded dragon already and he has raised a monitor before. We checked him out and at the time he seemed fine. We brought him home and he went into his hide and didn't come out for over a day until we...
  5. Lizards
    I purchased a baby Nile, roughly a foot and a half and the petstore couldn't give me a time frame of how old he is so I'm assuming he's wild caught. I've had him/her for a few weeks now and he's starting to settle in and I was wondering, have I gotten that 1 in a million that just isn't super...
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    Hey there, I am after a 2013 or 2014 nile or asiwan water monitor. if anyone is selling one please let me know. I have a full set up waiting, pics can be provided :2thumb:
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    Taken off of someone I know as he couldn't look after him. It's not a 100% definite sake I'm just wanting to know if anyone will be interested? Unsure of age/sex but is about 2.5 ft long (rough guess)
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    Hello. Today, I have a young nile monitor for sale. He is about 40-50cm long in really good condition.All Healthy without any losses, kept under UVB. He eats everything, including small and medium mouses, crickets. I have original certificates of his birth and origin. These are in two...
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    Looking for Nile or Ackie or other monitors (not Bosc) in exchange for snakes. The following are available; Bullsnake Amazon tree boa Baird's ratsnake Everglades ratsnake Japanese ratsnake adult male cornsnake (morphs) No timewasters please.
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    Due to a shift around in my collection i am reluctantly selling my cb nile monitor. he is around 2.5ft in length and responds well to gentle handling. i origanaly took him on as a rescue for a friend, and came to me very shy and quite snappy, but has calmed down well. he is shy around food still...
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    I'm selling my 18 month old Nile monitor with full setup, typical nils temperament although he is calm when in his water bowl He comes with full setup 4x2x2 viv, lights, 4ft heatmat and logs etc. Asking £120 for the lot, or i will swap the nile alone for a burm Text or call me on 07455851555...
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    these are our current stock of monitors we have in ukcb13 argus monitors £199 2 unrelated available but unsexed ukcb13 yellow ackies £175 each approx 2 year old yellow ackie, adult size but missing all its front digits £149 ukcb12 yellow ackie £175 cf13 bosc monitors £40 cf13 asian water...
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    I have a 2ft Nile monitor. Usual Nile temperament. Eats very well on chicks, rats, mice and prawns. Comes with... 6x2x2 viv Par38 spot like with ceramic fitting and dome. A guarded light fitting on other side. Large heat plate (similar to ahs but no built in stat) Lots of logs, slate etc. a...
  14. Lizard Classifieds
    Female Nile monitor for sale or swap. Doing all as she should an is calming down nicely. Can still be quite skittish though. Looking for £70 or will swap for corn snake morphs or WHY. Price includes a bag of her favorite food (crayfish)
  15. Lizard Classifieds
    I have a male 2012 Nile Monitor for sale or trade. Typical Nile attitude! & eats mice and chicks no problem and is now near enough 2 ft long inc tail. £50 ono
  16. Lizards
    Got myself a Nile monitor the other day. I know there not the friendliest but have seen tame examples. He's a cb13 an I'm looking for some advice on how to calm him down. Would the same "bullying" method I used with my Bosc work?
  17. Lizards
    Would really like to get a monitor, be a while yet, not until next year when I finish university but really want to go for a monitor next and particularly like Nile monitors. What are these like temperament and handling wise? Obviously not picking them up etc but like for stroking/patting...
  18. Lizards
    Hello, my name is Steve. I recently traded a bearded dragon for a 16 inch nile monitor (from snout to tip of tail), and am having issues getting him used to me being in the room. I was wondering if someone could give me detailed information on how to go about getting the monitor used to me, and...
  19. Lizard Classifieds
    hi selling my mates nile for him hes not agressive but not tame pm me for pics
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    Hi I have 5 Bucks and 5 Does for sale £15 each or £25 a pair (if mixed sex pair you will need to set up a split cage) Nile rats are easy to keep, best off in a tank with mesh topper if planning on breeding or you can get away with a wire rat cage (1cm bars) if you were after a same sex pair...
1-20 of 80 Results