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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Sorry for the first post being me begging for help Got a baby Crestie on reserve and was told that I don't need a heat lamp but, having set up the vivarium the minimum temp is dropping to 16 degrees overnight and max today (it is fairly cold but not winter yet) was only 22 degrees. Turns out I...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Ultratherm vivarium basking plate for sale. Its brand new in box. All you do is seal to ceiling of viv and plug in. Screws included. Paid £39.95 around 6 months ago. PM if interested. :2thumb:
  3. Snakes
    I've often thought of this in the past so thought I would put it out to the masses to get your opinions. Do you think that snakes which are usually nocturnal in the wild can change their natural instincts, because of being fed during the day time, and become diurnal...will they learn that food...
  4. Lizards
    hi i have heard leopard geckos are nocturnal i also have a gecko that is pale (been told she will be sensitive to uv) I was wondering can i use a normal house bulb (energy saving) in there tank to represent the sun or not? if i can use one what watt is save to use? I have read some people...
  5. Lizards
    I'm not worried or anything, just wondering if there's a reason he's all over the place climbing up his slate climbing frame/den we made him, usually he comes out at sevenish, he's been out literally all day today and was just wondering if there's a reason or if he's just being as strange as...
  6. Lizards
    I am sure you already know this but just in case.. -Diurnal, Sleep at night / awake in the day -Nocturnal, Sleep in the day / awake at night I was sitting here thinking. I have my Bosc Monitor which keeps me company by taking up all of my free time in the day! However, I am somebody who sits up...
  7. Snakes
    Hey guys, just wondering if, as Royal's are nocturnal Would my lamp in my room be stressing him out at this sort of time of night? It's not that bright, just wondering if he'd stress over it? Thanks!
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    Reluctant Sale as I've only had this lovely pair of Fat Tail Geckos just over a month - they are nocturnal and not about much during the day. They are about a year old. Eating small crickets and mini locusts. I love these little geckos and will be sorry to see them go so it must be to...
  9. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how to record video of nocturnal reps in their viv? Ideally this would record straight to my laptop and equipment should cost under £30 (although this is not set in stone as I am completely unaware of the appropriate price for my...
  10. Exotic Mammals
    Hi, just a quick question. I'm usually in the tortoise section, so know nothing about furry things. My manager recently got a APH, which she loves. The only thing is, she gets up really early (3-4am) and will sit in the dark and silence for hours so not to disturb the APH. I thought this...
  11. Amphibians
    hey guys bought a fogger for my Vietnamese mossy frogs 2 days ago put it on in the day time but it seems to be disturbing there sleep in the day. anyone else had a similar problem with any nocturnal species
  12. Habitat
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a nocturnal light that will not disturb too much but allow viewing? Cheers John
  13. Fish Keeping
    Overall Aquarium Hahli, Water Kongu, Air Matoro, Ice Jaller, Fire, Leader Hewkii, Stone and Nuparu, Earth Corn Snake Terrarium Corn Snake Terrarium Hope you like it!! cheers, Alex
  14. Lizards
    Hi, Firstly i dont want to cause any argueing :p But i know alot of people dont use UV for there nocturnal reptiles (be it lizards or snakes) however, id like to know why people have chosen to provide it/ or not provide it? I ask because when i was studying a research project of mine was...
  15. Lizards
    I have family in Australia and they are fascinated by the fact that we keep Australian "wildlife" species here as pets. They were curious to know if many gecko species are kept commonly over here? And now my interest is piqued too! They also said that all their gecko species are nocturnal - is...
  16. Lizards
    Sounds a daft question i know But im serious on this :lol2: Its something which i have always wondered. How do lizards (or any animal for that matter) know they are nocturnal? Is this a genetic trait? or something totally different? Thanks
  17. Lizards
    Hi everyone We have an elderly bearded dragon who to be honest, we thought was just getting close to popping his claws. He was just laid in his tank all day, not interested in coming out to play just wanted to close his eyes and be kept still when out. :yeahright: we have however now...
  18. Newbie Advice
    Hi there, Sorry for all the new threads I'm posting, but I thought advice here might be helpful not only for me, but other newbies. What's the best way to establish a day/night cycle for newly purchased snakes? At the minute our ceramic and the 'daylight' magnification lamp are both on a timer...
1-18 of 18 Results