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    I have 3 adult female CB2011 royal pythons ranging from 1.7-1.9kg. None have been bred this year so are good to go. Lovely ladies with cracking markings. £60 each or £150 for all 3. Collection Edinburgh but also travel over Scotland regularly.
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    Hi I have some Normal Female Ball Pythons for sale. Winding down my collection Normal Female - 2.5kg - £230 Normal Female - 2kg - £180 Normal Female - 2kg - £180 Normal Female - 2kg - £180 All are very good eaters and are feeding on defrost. call or text any time for further info...
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    For Sale........ The last of my collection of breedable adult royals. All are healthy,slow grown and are all fantastic eaters on defrost rats..all are unproven. Any questions please ask... Males 08 Normal with an 'interesting' reduced pattern.......£60 09 Spider het orange ghost..'has a major...
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    hiya I have 2 adult females for sale LOCO proven normal/dinker female sitting at 1570g she feeds well on DF strike feeder and gave me some unusual hatchlings last year 2 of which im holding back £110 PIE is a het pied but lost paperwork when we moved she has no tram lines either so...
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    I have 4 royals and 1 Boa for sale due to being registered blind I don't think i am giving them the time they deserve and I think the 2 girls need to be mated i think. I have full records, the all feed quite well female royal Normal CB10 1226 at last weigh Female Royal Normal CB10 1466 at...
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    Due to change in circumstances, I am selling my small collection of Royals . Females: CB 10 Normal 2022g £180 CB 11 Normal 1164g £110 CB 13 Albino 604g £425 Male: CB 12 Bumblebee 861g £375 Photos on interest. Willing to meet so far within reason? Will also listen to job lot offer.
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    These are all feeding on LIVE multies. 0.2 cb 09 proven females. Weight 1.9 kgs and 1.7kgs £150 each 0.1 cb 11 normal. Weighs aprox 1kg. Still picking up weight as she bred earlier this year laying 4 eggs. £80 These are normal royals so am not uploading any pics as they look just like...
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    Hi I am making available these 2 girls Both are nevous to handle but do not bite. both around 1800grams will be perfect for breeding next year as they have not been bred this year. could do with a few more meals before breeding next so I have not bred this year. Can do a deal on...
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    Hi I have 2 Female royal pythons for sale, I have a Normal Female weighting around 1600g, I would be looking for £130 Next I have a Woma royal python which weights around 700g last time I checked, I would be looking for £150 Both eat and shed fine. I would accept offers on these or swap...
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    Female Normal 900gms + Feeding on D/F Med Rats Sheds/Poos fine does all she should £85 Courier Available buyers cost or Collection
1-10 of 10 Results