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north brazil
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    About time I posted some pics of my 2012 North Brazilian BCC's. There's some more in my Album. Hope you like?
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    It really pains me to do this but due to a change in personal circumstances I have to sell these. I would prefer these to go as a pair. Please note the pics are 16 months old however, I will update the thread next weekend with new pics. Female is an 08 Vin Russo line The male is an 09 Ian...
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  4. Snake Pictures
    2011 Female 2009 Male 2009 Female
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    Again sorry about the pics but here she is I think she is probably the best of all of the North Brazils but I am sure that Messers Kerr, Bladeblaster et al will disagree, let me know, she is now nearly 4.5 feet long. The photos don't shoe the pinks and oranges in her sides but there again I am...
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    Another North Brazil, this one produced by Vin Russo. A pretty female with some interesting saddles, she'll be 3 in September. Again, the colour change is ongoing in these boas, so she'll just keep getting better. I hope you like.
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    New photos of these lovely 2, unfortunately male is 07 and female is 09, wish it was other way round.
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    Been a while since I put up pics of these 2 so as it was sunny this morning here goes. My other 09 North Brazil is in shed so will post pics of him later. Let me know what you think, they are the best boas IMO. Male 07 at just over 5 feet long (only fed on a large rat 3 days ago and coming up...
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    Well it took some persuasion and bribes to get Ian Kerr to let me have his final holdback male North Brazilian Boa but a bottle of his favourite tipple tipped him over to let him let this animal come into my hands! No innuendos please! I now have the holdback female of this litter and a...
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    I always criticise Ian Kerr for the quality of his photos but it seems that mine are as bad. Apols most are out of focus, male just fed. He is about 5 foot now, female is about 2.5 feet long. I have seemed to have washed out yellows and red tails but here goes: Male 07: Female 09: Let...
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    OK got over the Bob Clark fever and there has been a few posts saying how the UK market doesn't appreciate true locality boas so lets strut your stuff BCC , BCA and other locales owners and show how they far outshine any morphs here is my female 09 North Brazilian Female for starters my male...
1-11 of 11 Results