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  1. Snake Classifieds
    Stunning pair of North Brazilian's produced last year here in the UK by Mr Ian Kerr and Co. These will look amazing when older and are already developing real nice colour. A very special and imaculate pair of Boa's that are still very rarely seen to come up for sale. Female Male
  2. Snake Pictures
    Just a few from my collection Peruvian's 2010 Female 2010 Male Pucallpa 2010 Male 2009 Female North Brazilian's 2009 Female 2008 Female 2012 Female
  3. Snake Pictures
    Another North Brazil, this one produced by Vin Russo. A pretty female with some interesting saddles, she'll be 3 in September. Again, the colour change is ongoing in these boas, so she'll just keep getting better. I hope you like.
  4. Snake Pictures
    Well it took some persuasion and bribes to get Ian Kerr to let me have his final holdback male North Brazilian Boa but a bottle of his favourite tipple tipped him over to let him let this animal come into my hands! No innuendos please! I now have the holdback female of this litter and a...
  5. Snakes
    Update on my 07 male, he is the tamest snake I have ever owned. However my photography skills have washed out the red flank colours and his yellow undertones. He is nearing 5 foot now! Here he is enjoy: Let me know what you think, will follow with some pics of my female. Regards Pete
  6. Snake Pictures
    '09 North Brazilian. One of a trio I own. This is the female. She still won't really show her colours for another year or two, but she's coming along nicely.
1-6 of 6 Results