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northern pine snake
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    1.1 Mexican Black King snakes (Will only sell the pair together) £150 1.1 Leucistic Texas Rat snakes CB'15 (Will only sell the pair together) £100 0.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB'14 £60 0.0.1 Taiwan Beauty Snake CB'14 £15 0.1 Northern Pine Snake CB'14 £20 Mexican Blacks are in cooling for another...
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    CB13 Northern Mexican Pine Snake Unsexed £100 We have two avaliable (Siblings).
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    My male Northern pine, Odysseus at just over a year old. My female Northern pine is for sale here:
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    Looking for sale or swap. Beautiful Male Pine Snake (approx. 3 1/2 ft) but needs experienced owner as is vocal like most pines and needs some work. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Cheers Shaun
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    Female Northern pine snake, approx 3ft long, 219g, born 7th June last year and in full health. Includes full feeding history and weights since I got her in February.
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    Ok, so i have had my Northern Pine Snake for about 2 years now. He has been on 2 large weaner rats every 2 weeks for the last year, and in that year I haven't had one shed, and he is always looking around for more food after. The next size up (small adult rats) are too big for him still at the...
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    Yes and here I am again with yet another question!!! This time it is about my northern pine snake. I have recently noticed a line going down his body, like a can feel a spine but i didnt know what to think because he is quite a rough solid feeling snake anyway. It looked at first...
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    I'm in the market for two new snakes. Preferably hatchlings, male and female for breeding further down the line. I'm interested in Northern pine snakes, bull snakes and woma pythons. I'm based in Norwich and if you know of any or have any young snakes for sale please let me know your prices...
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    hi, this post is just out of interest as i have never met another person who keeps the Northern Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus) , i was wondering if any more experienced keepers could share their experiences or pictures? Here's a few pics of my female, not quite sure of her...
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    When I got home from work I checked on the snakes and I couldnt find the pine snake anywhere. I went digging in all his aspen.....then as a second thought lifted his feeding rock up and........ I FOUND MR GRUMPY!!!!!!
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    Hello everybody, my names Mike and I am new here. So I thought I'd share my collection! I think that is the best hello I can offer :) 5 foot long female Boa C. Imperator Double het Snow, name: "Powder" - In mysterious "White Phase" this is how she actually looked. (She's only gone into that...
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    My Northern Pine Snake is an escape artist! However ever since I have keep the glass doors well and truly locked he has done everything he can to try and pry them open again. I have had him for a year, he is in a 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium. Unfortunately him trying to escape has caused him to hurt his...
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    lovely boy very freindly. must be around 4 years old now and around the 8ft mark. can drop off locally. southampton
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    How much should I expect to pay for female and male Northern Pine Snake hatchlings? Just wondering what's a good price and what isn't.
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    i have a northern pine snake he is about a year/ 18 months old who has not eaten yet this year , before xmas he never missed a feed but now shows no interest at all in food. i have tried braining , leaving food over night , scenting ,and chicks and still no interest. he is in the same viv as...
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    Northern Pine Snake For Sale. I am gauging the interest a little first as i am downsizing my collection. I am just asking for reasonable offers for the Snake, she is about a year or two old and is around 4ft. She is a really good eater and is cool as u cucumber handling, though i wouldn't...
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    I have for sale a female Northern pine snake and 4 foot viv with all heating equipment. She is a great feeder and will often strike. She sheds regularly and is very tame being handled frequently. I am un able to provide the correct space for the viv any longer and work commitments have forced...
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    Nice chunky male,tame easy to handle,eats anything that you give him :)will consider swap £60
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    Beautiful proven pair of northern pine snakes,very large,female a bit viv defensive but puppy tame when out,will consider swaps
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    I am selling a Female northern pine snake. I am un certain of her exact age but she is roughly 4 years old. She is 4.5 feet long and in great shape. She regularly feeds and sheds with no issues. She has never bitten and is handed regularly. She will occasionally make a lot of noise but its all...
1-20 of 23 Results