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northern pine
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    5ft-6ft Male and female unrelated Northern pines bred by Pete Johnson. £60 each. Born June 2012 and have both always been excellent feeders (and poopers!)
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    On the 6th August, the clutch of eggs laid by my female northern pine snake began to hatch. We only got 2 hatchlings out of 11 eggs, (That's what happens when your snake lays in the water dish :bash: ) Here's a photo of them in the incubation tub on the day of hatching: Here they are, in the...
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    Gorgeous Male Pine Snake for sale! Just over 4.5ft long, Eats, Sheds & Poos well. Is in need of a good home with an experienced handler. Selling due to increased work commitments. He is a little stroppy but this is just due to lack of handling time. No time waster please!
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    Hi all. I have 3 northern Pine Snake with kinks in the tails. 2 months old and never miss a meal. little piggy's £40 for all 3. Please don't ask me to sex them as they are for pets only. Oldham area
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    5ft males Northern Pine £40 Proven Nice and friendly Doing everything he should
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    So I was feeding the Grinch with long tongs and for the fist time he wanted a bigger meal launched himself past the rats and nailed me! :lol2: this is the first time in over 3 years that I've had him he likes to give the odd nip from time to time when I change the water but never with food on...
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    My male Northern pine, Odysseus at just over a year old. My female Northern pine is for sale here:
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    Female Northern pine snake, approx 3ft long, 219g, born 7th June last year and in full health. Includes full feeding history and weights since I got her in February.
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    Female Northern pine snake, approx 3ft long, 219g, born 7th June last year and in full health. Includes full feeding history and weights since I got her in February.
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    After much consideration I have decided to let this little fella go. He's a very calm and friendly CB12 Northern Pine snake. He's pretty much faultless, pick of the clutch looks-wise , great to handle , perfect health . Around 24" / 60cm long. Never bit or even tried to strike at me. Eating...
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    Selling our male Northern Pine snake 'Boris.' He has a typical Pine temperament, huffy and hissy but never bitten or struck. Great feeder. Approx 6 and a half feet though age unknown. Collection from North Shropshire or may deliver for fuel costs. Asking £50
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    Reluctant sale of my Northern pinesnakes. Male and female, unrelated pair. Excellent eaters, nice temperaments, easy to handle. Never had any problems with these lovely snakes. Open to offers. Pickup from the Wirral on 31st March only as coming from Isle of Man. More pics on request.
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    I bred this dear girl several years ago ( 3 or 4 :blush: ? ) I always brumate my Pituophis as they do better that way and last year WITHOUT being put with a male she produced a clutch of infertile - of course - eggs. She want's to be a Mum. Her breeding is a quarter Northern Pine and...
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    for sale i have my adult breeding pair of northern pines, both 6ft+ proven twice, both puppy tame, eating, sheding and pooping fine. feed once a week on 2 large rat weaners each. £100 the pair no viv no offers. same reason as the boa, only selling as have a burm on the way so need the space...
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    I have two adult Northern Pine Snakes for sale. Believe both are female but could probe if you really need to know. Feed very well and have reasonably calm temperaments for pines (do hiss and bluff in the cage but are OK once you have them out). One is 04 the other 05. Both have quite a lot of...
1-15 of 15 Results