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nosy be chameleon
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    Looking for Panther Chameleons in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland. Seem to only find them for sale in England or they are being sold for a stupid amount of money.
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    wanted Blue nosy be chameleon cash waiting plz contact loving home waiting : victory:
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    Hi all.. As per the title. He was bred by global geckos in Surrey. He is about a year old. Great coloration and feeds from hand/tongs and hand tame although I rarely handle. Has lived under T5s, a mist king and on a wide ranging diet .. Only selling because I am concentrating on a different...
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    Looking to buy more snakes, and feel someone else may be able to give him more time than I can do at the moment. Open to sensible offers.
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    Very Sad sale of my lovely Nosy Be female of 6 mths old, very pretty girl , her sire is a Stunning True Blue male , so she has a super blood line , I have owned her since a baby so have pics of her growing , she has been given great care with all that is necessary to keep her as healthy as...
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    hey all im on the hunt for a hatchling male nosy be chameleon :no1:
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    6 months old 2left out the clutch believe to be females Both eatting, pooing and shedding fine love being handled Very amazing to watch and easy to look after
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    One 5 month old baby panther nosy be chameleon left all her friends have all left her now... She needs a loving owner and a new home and maybe a boyfriend for when she gets bigger too.... Dont wanna start her too young..! Shes eatting,shedding and pooing fine... Anyone interested dont hesitate...
1-8 of 8 Results