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    CBUK20 Male Panther Chameleon He is a Nosy X Ambilobe Bit defensive in the tank but happy once out. Collection Only Bristol £250
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    Hey everyone! First time poster here and I'm in the market for a panther chameleon. I've previously kept a veiled chameleon and now want to care for a panther. My local shop has a juvenile Nosy Be, which is already displaying some really nice blues for its size, but I'm not certain whether it's...
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    Beautiful 4 month old Nosy be Panther Chameleon, Females, I have 3 left. These have been raised under t5 Reptisun lights and supplemented with sticky tongue farm vits and mins. £60 each or £125 for the 3.
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    Hello, I am looking to let one of my Chameleons go, As he's becoming stressed out with the presence of our other male chameleon no matter where he is, I bought him when he was little, expecting a MALE Nosy be, Which looks more like a nosy be cross ambilobe, He's ok and calm once hes out but the...
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    I need a couple of Nosy Be females from a good line please.. Minimum 5 months old.. Unbred juveniles preferred please
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    Adult male Nosy Be Panther. Good temperament. Just over one year old. Shows green and blue colouration.
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    18 week old male Nosy Be Panther Chameleon. Bought 4 weeks ago from a reptile shop in Bristol. Selling as I do not have the time to devote to keeping him :( Asking for £200 for the chameleon alone or would do a deal for £400 ovno to include his current set up worth over £290 (Terrarium...
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    Hi For sale male Nosy Be the old school style not the true blue, Came from Germany a few years ago as I used to live in Munster next to Hamm. Poops and eats well. He can be sold on his own or can come with a repti breeze XL and heat lamp and uv. Am asking £100 on his own. He had a problem...
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    At last I have my lovely Muji Panther baby home. Big thanks to Michaela and Julian for my very first Nosy Be Chameleon. He has settled in real quick .. I put a couple of baby Dubias in his cup and he ate them already so no worries there lol. He is a very bold little fella. Introducing then...
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    would prefer a nosy be or blue ambilobe willing to travel to collect
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    Hi all, I have a male Nosy Be panther chameleon available to swap for another species of chameleon but not a Yemen, He is about 18 months old, showing lovely colours. let me know what you have try me, message me, post me lol Any questions just ask, (swap only) Thanks Mark
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    Male Nosy Be Chameleon wanted, as close to me as possible but would be willing to travel. Baby preferred. Please contact with any information, thankyou Jas
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    furcifer paradalis CB 02/12 Both parents can be seen, lovely blue colours. Eating everything and growing quick!
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    CB 2012 furcifer paradalis growing quick and eating very well. Parents look beautiful. Offering at £80 each, discounts available for multiple buys Thanks
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    Hey guys, Here is a pic of our Nosy Be, We were told it's a female, but are having our suspicions, so any help in sexing would be amazing. We've read all the posts out there but every one of them seems to contradict eachother so thought we'd post a pic and see what you think. base of tail...
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    For Sale, Female panther chameleon, Nosy Be. She is a proven breeder. CB Cheers
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    Chameleon Noob Hello, I am new to Chameleons but am keen to get one in the near future. I don't want to rush into it as I want to do quite a bit of research first. Alot of websites say Chameleons aren't for amateurs and others say they are absolutely fine, although it tends to be the websites...
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    Hi im looking for a panther chameleon either nosy be or anfiky. Must be male or male female pair. Dont mind thier age must be handle-able. Will not pay silly prices. Please inbox me cash and tank already waiting. :2thumb:
1-18 of 44 Results