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occalated uromastyx
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    Just thought I would bore you all this morning and let you know. he is coming on slowly, I can creep up to his viv very slowly and he only scampers off when he feels uncomfortable. I am still yet to handle him, but dont want to invoke any more stress than is absolutely necessary. he is...
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    For Sale Young Uromastyx Occilata For sale young Occilata need humanizing as not been handled recently, Due to time issues. Approximately 8 months old very healthy and eating very well. if you have any other question please message me matt
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    Female occalated uromastyx over 3 years old long term captive has layed eggs in 09 for sale as we are going into breeding Ackies and Rosy Boas. Will Be at PRAS breeders Meeting on the 24th (We have a Table)
1-3 of 3 Results