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  1. Snake Classifieds
    :welcome: 1.1 Elaphe carinata albino Hatched 08/2016 Female feeds on live and defroster, male only live right now ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boa constrictor occidentalis (microchip + cites) 1.0 (male) about 6kg - CB12 - in good condition...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Hey I have for offer Boa constrictor occidentalis, male about 6kg, CB12, microchip and cites. price: 250 pounds - firm Only possible pickup is at Terraristika Hamm show, June 4 in Germany. Contact me at: [email protected] or pm. Pics: (click on them to see bigger size)
  3. Snakes
    Hi, I'm after a argentine boa, just wanted to know if anyone is still breeding them? I've been emailing various shops around the country, as well as asking in my local but no luck so far.
  4. Snakes
    Does anyone breed the beautiful Argentine boa (Boa constrictor occidentalis) in the UK? These are absolutely beautiful but as I understand it there are only a couple of people breeding them, and I'd like to know who! Thanks :)
  5. Snake Pictures
    almost 7ft and affectionately known as Hissy Missy :lol2: not great pics but better than i can usually do! :blush:
  6. Snake Classifieds
    we are reluctantly selling our group that we have been building up of argentine boas. all come with cites paperwork 1 male is approx 4-5 ft 1 male is approx 5ft 1 female approx 4-5ft 1 female approx 6 ft 1 female approx 8 ft will be adding pics tomorrrow £1500 the group. not...
1-6 of 6 Results