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    Mantis for sale. * Spiny flower mantis - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii. 1 adult male, 1 pre-adult female due final molt. £30 Orchid Mantis - Hymenopus coronatus. 1 female who requires hand feeding due to molt fall. If she makes it to next molt she will be fine. Free with purchase of both males. 2...
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    I have a fresh male orchid mantis, Hymenopus coronatus which has matured much too soon for my female and so am looking to offload him. Would consider a swap for nymphs/slings etc. will consider anything! PM if interested : victory:
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    Scorpions 0.0.1 Red Claw Scorpion (P Cavimanus) – £22 0.0.1 Large Claw Scorpion (S Maurus) - £18 0.0.6 Forest Scorpion (H Spinifer) - £15 Tarantulas 0.0.2 Sub-Adult Goliath Birdeater (T Stirmi) - £90 0.2.0 Sub-Adult Female Goliath (T Stirmi) - £135 0.0.1 Sub-Adult Cobalt Blue (C Lividum) - £45...
  4. Planted Vivariums
    Hi everyone, so I have posted a few times on getting this far. Thanks to everyone's posts which helped me get to this point. After previously thinking of getting 2 small vivs I decided to get a single one. I have the largest Exo Terra (36*18*36) and I plan to keep 3 female crested geckos in it...
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    Second Instar nymphs of HYMENOPUS CORONATUS Common name of orchid mantis Feeding well on fruit flies £5 each or 5 for £20 P&P £5.50 1st class signed for or £8.50 RMSD
  6. Invert Classifieds
    Orchid Mantids Hymenopus coronatus L4/L5 Sexed Pairs Captive bred by myself. Feeding on greenbottles, but will also take large fruit flies. Will take bluebottles reliably from next moult. Postage by First Class Recorded for £4, Special Delivery Next Day for £7. Please PM me if interested, thanks!
  7. Planted Vivariums
    Does anyone know of any online sites or similar that sell vanilla plants? (either cuttings or established plants) They would have to ship to the republic of Ireland, Many thanks :2thumb:
  8. Wildlife
    I have heard that these guys are quite rare up north. There is a site close to where I live, where there is a very strong population. I have visited the site for the past 7 or so years and always went to see some of the more commoner species of orchid (Marsh, Common Spotted and Pyramid). I had...
  9. Invert Classifieds
    Hi I have some L1 orchid nymphs which have just hatched out, they will not be available for sale until they are L2 size. they are cage captive bred by myself from uk sourced stock I would like the nymphs to be sold in groups so people have a chance at breeding this beautiful species they are...
  10. Invert Classifieds
    hi I have L3/L4 nymphs for sale £25 each ono (through paypal) different postage options available. pm me or reply here for any questions.. :)
  11. Shop Classifieds
    Snakes Amel Brooks King Snake Black Rat Snake Boa Columbian Rainbow Hatchling Boa Rosy Mexican Cb13 Boa Salmon CB13 Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB12 Hatchling African House Snake Hatchling Sinaloan Milksnkae Milksnake Adult Nelsons Corn Snake CARAMEL Hatchling Corn Snake CARAMEL MOTLEY Hatchling Corn...
  12. Spiders and Inverts
    I have wanted one for a while but first could you experienced mantis keepers out there tell me the perfect set up and conditions for an orchid mantis, and any tips/advice on its general care. THANKS
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    I'm looking for artificial plants and vines for a 45x45x60 exo terra Plants with suckers or the stand up orchids etc Please message me or comment with what you have :)
  14. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Id assume not, did try searching the forum but found nothing? would be nice if they could, as there about the only thing i can keep alive right now plant wise lol
  15. Spiders and Inverts
    hi guys quick question is orchid bark safe to use in a tarantula tank? i know pine and cedar are toxic to tarantulas and i read somewhere that orchid bark is sometimes pine :bash: it confuses me :blush: thanks in advance for any help :2thumb:
  16. Spiders and Inverts
    Can some one tell me why it is so hard to get hold of a Orchid Praying Mantis i have been trying for months !:censor:
  17. Invert Classifieds
    i have 2 adult male orchids available that i no longer need. male #1 - adult moult 24/7 male #2 - adult moult 5/8 these guys are £10 each, postage is £6.50 RMSD pm me rob
  18. Invert Classifieds
    hi, heres what i have surplus to my needs adult male orchid, moulted to adult 11/6 £10.00 adult indian flower pair (c.gemmatus) £20.00 male adult moult 26/6 female adult moult 6/7 indian flower sub-adult £5.00 will sell the lot for £25 plus p+p p+p RMSD £6.50 pm me rob
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    H coronatus 2nd instars £4.50 each. cannot be sexed at this size sorry. also C Gemmatus 1st instars 50p each 2nd instars £1 each. Postage (including paypal fees) £4
  20. Invert Classifieds
    C Gemmatus 1st instars 50p each 2nd instars £1 each. H coronatus 2nd instars £4.50 each. Can be collected by arrangement at BTS Postage if not arranging to meet (including paypal fees) £4
1-20 of 43 Results