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oscar fish cichlid
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  1. Fish Keeping
    I have a 500 ltr, 109 gallon tank with two Oscars who are about 4 inches long, so less than a year old. The tank has plants, rocks driftwood and a decorative divers helmet in it with two placo,s about the same size as the Oscar,s. Water is good. Lighting is a bit poor. Pump is bigger than it...
  2. Aquatics Classifieds
    juwel vision 260, fluval heater & tetra ex1200 external filter packed with very mature media. And yes the light unit works perfect. Fish are 2 adult large rare red neck sevs, 1 small green sev, 1 tiger Oscar & 1 polleni. All fish are healthy eating fine. the adults sevs are worth £150 alone plus...
  3. Aquatics Classifieds
    We are selling dad's corner tank, when we bought him the tank it was for a restoration project, he took a run down mahogany old style stand and tank and completely stripped it down and repainted it, he build a door for the cabinet and a lid for the tank, he also build a stone wall background and...
  4. Aquatics Classifieds
    pair of snake skin oscars these have paired off and may breed when they get of size lovely fish selling due to moving over to discus need to go asap as they are being kept in a big bin as the discus came before i had chance to sell these two on will take 35 for the two no less i got these off...
  5. Fish Keeping
    So has ny1 actually owned these awsome fish? Suposed to be rare arent they so thaught id see what people think of them :)
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    i have 2 oscars for sale, i bought them to grow out in my 6ft tank but i have 2 larger oscars who are beating these 2 up so i need to rehome them. i could take them back to the shop and get my £20 back but i dread to think where they may end up so i would rather rehome privately and take less...
1-6 of 6 Results