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    I think Odi is a little bit too big for this :lol2:
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    Badtimes! She was limping on and off so I took her to the vets, she was there all day today to have x rays, and is now sitting next to me looking rather angry and sad! Apparently its not very bad, but she's only 10 months which is why it shocked me :\ If your dog has hip dysplasia, how...
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    Odi's 9 months now, and 23 inches at the shoulder xD :flrt:
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    Our breeder told us to never cut her fur, under any circumstances because it will ruin it, but she told us if we aren't showing, its best to spay. This is all well and good, but how can we get her spayed without her having to have bits of fur shaved off? :lol2: Also, we have to brush her...
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    She's 6 months now :gasp: She's groowwnn! :P
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    Just thought I'd update everyone on how big she's getting! :P
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    I want to get my Otterhound into Bloodhound training/ hunts, but I can't seem to find any groups, does anyone know of any near me? I'm in Hampshire. Thanks!:2thumb:
1-7 of 7 Results