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  1. Breeding
    Hi everyone. Looking for a bit of advice. Feel free to tell me if you think I've done anything wrong, or any improvements you would suggest. However I have followed the guide in a very reputable boa constrictor book. I have recently placed my male in with my female. I did this a few days before...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, I have a 2 year old female leopard gecko who seems to have lost her appetite a bit recently. She's also been a bit less active and a little more timid than normal. She didn't eat anything for about a week and a half and then this morning she finally ate a wax worm and a couple of meal...
  3. Breeding
    Hi guys just thought I'd post a quick pick of my female spider in full ovulation Cheers
  4. Snakes
    pics are crappy phone pics and dont show how big she is. she really looks like shes swallowed a jumbo rabbit. palpated 5 in her. And 1 of the many locks
  5. Snakes
    Hi everyone Just thought I'd share this pic of one of our African girls Ovulating :2thumb:
  6. Lizards
    Hello, I have 2 female leopard geckos and there is no sign of ovulation? one is 2 years old and weights 70grams and the other is 15months old and weights 55grams! How come they havent ovulated yet when its nearly april? I also have a male leopard gecko, tried to introduce them but the females...
  7. Snakes
    would you say that this girl is ovulating?
  8. Snake Pictures
    spider ovulation, been bred with a pied
  9. Snakes
    My female pastel Royal has been paired with my male bee since November, and I have witnessed 6+ locks from them. The female has gained significant weight from November; nearly 300g and she has gained a very strong feeding response within the last month or so. She has also been showing good signs...
  10. Snake Pictures
    first ovulation of the year for me phantom to pastel, tried this pair last year and missed the phantom pastel so hopefully it will go this time!!
  11. Snakes
    hi guys could any1 tell me at what point do you look for ovulation is it after the first , second ,third.. lock thanks steph
  12. Snakes
    As title really. My female pastels been paired up about 2 months ago or around abouts and today as you can see from the crappy brown colour and pink belly shes about to shed, ive never seen her go so dark before a shed. But ive started finding her lying in weird positions and she appears to be...
  13. Breeding
    Hey guys, here is a quick vid that we did yesterday to show you some of our animals :) Ovulating Retic & Nobby Gets A Waterfall - YouTube enjoy! x
  14. Snakes
    Found my Mojave like this tonight..... Tail suck?
  15. Snakes
    This pic was taken 15th April. Yesterday 1st May she shed. Hoping that the above was an ovulation & that this was her pre-lay shed :2thumb:. I will know in approx 27+ days i guess :whistling2:. Incubator has been running for a while now so ready to go.
  16. Snake Pictures
    checked on my lot this morning and found the fire just finishing an ov- bit annoyed i missed it and the pic doesnt show a lot but you can still see it been with my male pied only
  17. Lizards
    My two female leos done seem to be ovulating. i wonder if there is anything i can do to provoke it, so to speak? I heard doing something with light hours can let their body know its spring and time to start ovulating. Its neither geckos first breeding season, and I'm aware it should maybe have...
  18. Snakes
    Don't know how to upload photos i'm afraid but i have to share this! We only have one pair that is of breeding weight, a pewter/normal pairing. It is our first season trying to breed and after witnessing a couple of locks in Jan we got our hopes up but there were no further locks witnessed...
  19. Snake Pictures
    another ov this time from a female normal to a phantom
  20. Snakes
    Last night i caught my big normal female soaking in her water bowl (no signs of shedding), tonight she's massive again but no longer "lumpy". Is this an ovulation or still building?
1-20 of 33 Results