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    Hi putting my whole collection up for sale as I'm no longer in a position to keep them. Juvie P.metallica Juvie Pterinochilus chordatus Juvie M balfouri AF G Porteri Juvie Lampropelma sp. "Borneo Black" (very nasty, not for the faint hearted) Large Juvie/sub adult Gbb 3 x grown on slings P...
  2. Invert Classifieds
    Hy, P Metalica slings anyone? :)
  3. Invert Classifieds
    guys I have 6 x P.Metalica unsexed Juvies for sale, cant load pics as my PC connection is playing up,:blush: sorry. However im looking for £75 each or bulk deals if you can pay 50% (Paypal) upfront and 50% on collection as im not posting in this weather :blowup: PM me please on Q&A:yeahright: -...
1-3 of 3 Results