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pacman frog
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    Hey everyone! This is my first post on here but I’m really worried about my 4+ month old Pac-Man frog and thought I’d get some advice before doing anything drastic. So basically he hasn’t pooped in 3-4 weeks, but keeps eating normally. There’s no hard spot in his stomach and he’s as active as he...
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    as above, pacman frog babies or what you got? inbox me please looking to buy n cash waiting :2thumb:
  3. Amphibians
    Hey all :) Newbie here! I have owned reptiles in the past and tarantula's but never an amphibian! Last week my fiancee bought me a babyPacman frog for my birthday and I am utterly in love. However, I wondered at what age I could find out the gender and what is best way to tell?! I have...
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    I've had my baby pacman for almost a week now and he's eaten almost everyday but i haven't seen any poop yet. Tonight i gave his sides a gentle squeeze and he felt soft and squishy, not hard like he's impacted. Then i tried to give him a warm bath but he panicked. I feel terrible, I shouldn't...
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    Sorry to make another thread, I'm just a bit stuck on which heat pad would be best for a pacman frog. A 4x5'', 4w pad - or a 6x11'', 7w pad. I live in England so it can get quite cold here and we don't have the heating on all the time. Thank you in advance for any advice!
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    Hi everyone! So i'm really hoping, after wanting one for years, to get a Pacman frog soon. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice about gut loading insects, and just some general advice about feeding them a good diet. I'm planning on feeding crickets as a 'staple diet', but how...
  7. Amphibians
    Hello guys, I am new here and i need your advise! I have just buy a cute albino pacman frog, and i have set up a terrarium with live plants. The plants i added are Parlor palm, pothos and hedera cypria. So, i have 3 questions. 1. Is it safe to use NATURAL LIGHT / FULL SPECTRUM DAYLIGHT BULB...
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    Hi, I am considering getting a Pacman frog (Ceratophrys ornata) so I was wondering what set ups people recommend? I was thinking a rub with coco fibre as substrate, then hides etc. But I was also wondering about heating? Some people say use a heat mat attached to the side, others say room temp...
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    Top dollar waiting for cool colours! text me 07515833206 or email [email protected]:notworthy:
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    top dollar waiting for cool colours. text me 07515833206 or email [email protected]
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    Selling my Albino Pacman frog. Available on its own or with setup - 30 x 30 exo terra tank with tree fern back ground, real plant and plenty of custodians Any questions please ask
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    Apricot pacman frog for sale Juvinile £30 Collection from larkhill, wiltshire
  13. Amphibians
    Hey everyone, im new to the forums and recently purchased a 3 months old bearded dragon and pacman frog. Now, I have a few questions concerning my new amphibian friend, as he is behaving a tad bit different from what i have expected! not that its bad, just wondering if i should be concerned for...
  14. Amphibians
    I'm using paper towels as substrate for my pacman frog, could anyone tell me how often should I change the substrate or clean the tank? I heard that many people use this substrate for small frog, but I want to know can I continue to use paper towels when the frog is fully growth too another...
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    Hi I am after some pacman frogs - anyone have any?
  16. Amphibians
    I have a Pacman frog who hates being held. He will close his eyes and open his mouth,stop breathing and stretch out his back legs. When I put him down he goes right back to being normal again. He puts his legs right and opens his eyes and starts breathing again like nothing is wrong. I was just...
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    Does anyone have any pacmans for sale in the Wiltshire area? :)
  18. Amphibian Care Sheets
    One of the most popular and hardiest frog in the pet trade is the Chacoan Horned frog, which are available as captive bred. They originate from the semi-arid grasslands in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. During the drier part of the year they burrow underground wrapped in...
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    I'm looking for something different to add to my collection, Unsure what frog/toad I'm looking for but if anyone has anything for sale please pop me a message. I'm very interested in a PacMan (horned frog) Please let me know If they come with anything as I have a RUB but its holding a snake at...
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    Hi guys, thought I'd show you my new horned frog set up. Open to any suggestions, so if you think anything should be changed let me know. So I've went from using a heat mat to a 50w infrared lamp on a microclimate day/night thermostat. Was using a heat mat before but i'm starting to use heat...
1-20 of 117 Results