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  1. Amphibians
    I have just siliconed some coco fiber panels on the sides and back of my dart frog viv. It's looks at bit messy when seen from the sides or back so i was wondering what sort of paint could i use for the outside glass?
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Looking for a paint female
  3. Lizards
    Searched the forum to no avail. Our house desperately needs decorating, we want to do it as safely as possible for Agnes or Australian water dragon. Any tips?? Special paint to use etc, do we need to move her out for a couple of days?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Amphibians
    Hi there, this is the first time I've used this forum so apologies for any errors. Basically i'm looking into getting some dart frogs, I have the viv in the post and hopefully will take on some frogs from a local reptile rescue centre if they have any. When I was looking at how to decorate...
  5. Snake Classifieds
    I am reducing down my royal collection a little and have the following animals for sale. non refundable 20% deposit to secure and happy to do payment plans over 30/60/90 days. Pictures can be sent on request via email. Serious inquiries only please. females cb12 - fire - £200 proven cb12 -...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Right, I just got myself this tank on Gumtree (£10 with a Cricket Keeper. Result!) I'm looking to house my first tarantula in there (Thinking Brazilian Black or Mexican Red Knee) and I want to know what to do next. What is the recommended prep I need do between now and spider moving in day...
  7. Habitat
    Hi, I'm looking to insulate the inside of my raccoons enclosure with OSB sheeting, and was going to put some form of paint/sealant on top of the board to waterproof it. I was just wondering what a safe paint/sealant would be to use? Thanks in advance Dean
  8. Habitat
    Need a paint for the roof of my viv but finding something that is green/black non toxic that is gonna stand up against temperatures from basking bulbs and not allow mould to form due to having a misting system in there is kinda hard any suggestions
  9. Habitat
    Hi, We have converted our shed into a vivarium for my iguana which is all boarded out and insulted etc. Now its ready to paint but I'm not sure which paint to use. It needs to stand the humidity of an ig habitat so what do you all recommend? Thanks, Stace
  10. Habitat
    Hi all! I've decided that, considering I am a poor lady who has only just gotten a full time job, that it'll be better if I make things for my future gecko beauty rather than buying the rather expensive ledges and backgrounds online. I was thinking of building the background, two ledges...
  11. Lizards
    I'm about to paint my room in the next couple of days and I'm wondering if the paint fumes would be harmful to my leopard gecko could someone give me some advice to if I should move him or leave him there Cheers
  12. Habitat
    Hello there people just needed a quick bit of advice really i have a 4x2x2 viv coming soon its made from osb board and i'm trying to weigh up whether to paint it or maybe get some self adhesive vinyl roll instead? (This is only for the outside of the viv as i'll be attempting a false background...
  13. Lizards
    What paint is safe to paint a vivarium? What brands? Thanks
  14. Exotic Mammals
    I am having trouble getting hold of paint that is suitable for using in the Fennecs room. It needs to be smell free as locking them out of their room while it dries over night would cause havoc and no way will i lock them in the cage all night. Keeping them out in the day time would be fine as...
  15. Habitat
    I recently got a large vivarium which needed fixed up 6x4x2, it had been painted on the inside but needed a few new coats. I was worried about the choice of paint, so went for a quick drying, water based, minimal VOC gloss white paint. I thought this would be the best bet for a safe vivarium...
  16. Lizards
    Hi can anyone recommend any paints/glosses to paint a viv with, my viv is made out of MDF. It would need to protect the wood from water, any suggestions would be appreciated. Alex14
  17. Habitat
    I have seen a 4ft viv on ebay that is made of wood and would need painitng/finishing. What paint is safe to use for vivs? I will be keeping snakes in it. Thanks.
  18. Habitat
    Hey all! I'm in the process of planning out upgrades to my vivariums and I am thinking about mixing clay with a paint and painting the inside of my viv with it. I was wondering, what sort of paint would be best? We are talking about the inside of vivexotic vivariums that have been sealed but...
  19. Habitat
    Hey guys, Custom habitat enthusiast here, been working on a project for just over a month and having a blast. Been lurking here and there and picked up some awesome tips. I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a paint query. I really like the dry brush technique you guys used, and I was...
1-19 of 49 Results