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palm geckos
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    Breeding pair.3 ft black ash viv lighting and heating.
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    Just caught my female Palm (White Lined) Gecko out on one if the Bromeliads. She and her mate are always hiding but she decided to make an appearance :
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    0,0,2 Gekko vittatus. Palm geckos. Grown on babies. £25 each. 1,1 Eublepharis macularius. Leopard geckos. Male chocolate Bell albino. Female normal. Proven pair. Really good breeders. Female lays 6 or 7 clutches every year. £75. 1,1 Phelsuma standingi. Standing's day geckos. Again, proven...
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    Hi, I have a few homebred juvenile Gekko vittatus available. £20-25 each depending on size. Smaller ones are well grown on, larger ones half grown. All unsexed at this stage. Mark.
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    hello there peeps, new thread with these as i finally have pictures! breeding pair of palm geckos male has a regen tail was like that when i got him. Have laid 8 eggs so far over the last year. Need to sell due to moving house so cant take em with me :(
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    Good afternoon folks due to some unforseen circumstances i will be moving back in with my dad as a result of which i cant take all of my reptiles with me so have to let a couple go :( pics can be provided on request but please only ask if you're actually interested :) First off is a breeding...
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    I've been slowly letting the palms get used to me, in and out the tank daily, slowly putting my hand near them, and recently i've been able to gently stroke them, so tonight, i thought i'd give them a go. went for the female first, she has been the most wild of the three, and she was no...
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    I put a deposit on a flat today, and the landlord as said that I'm allowed SOME of my reptiles, so I need to part with the rest, I have up for grabs: 2.1 trio of Palm Geckos including viv and two fertile eggs: not too common, very interesting little geckos, Similar in temperament and care as...
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    hi i am selling my breeding pair of palm geckos they are proven as i have one of their babys also for sale. female posibley gravid again £40 for the pair or £50 for them and the baby (baby can be sold seperatley for £20) collection only and if you have any questions or might be interested please...
1-9 of 10 Results