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panther cham
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    I have an adult pair of panther chameleons for sale. Bought as Nosy Be and now one year old. Male is stunning with very impressive blue. Both feeding very well on large/extra large locusts. Asking £250 for the pair. Located in Plymouth but can courier using Cold blooded movements if required...
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    Beautiful 9 week old female Ambilobe panther Chameleons. Feeding well and doing everything as should. They have been supplemented with sticky tongue farms vitamins and minerals. £50 each 2-3 £45 each 4 or more £40 each No setup included.
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    CB14 Panther Chameleon Male £140
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    I have a limited number of babies from the sire pictured. Please enquire for availability. £125 males £100 females. For more pics and info you can view my Facebook page "Krayzee Chamz".
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    I need some advice as to what to do with my panther while I am away for a few days. I will be gone for 5 days in total so obviously I will need to keep him fed/misted for those days. Can anyone suggest any ideas or automatic misters? My chameleon is in a Reptibreeze Screencage (46x46x92cm) so I...
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    I'm selling my male panther chameleon. he's hand tame never bitten me he is about 2 years old. I don't really want to sell him. he eats, poo's and sheds fine. he comes with everything you will need. 3 ft high viv, lighting, vines, spray, calci dust and vitamins. if you are interested please...
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    and browsing the forum.............
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    Baby Male Panther Chameleon Wanted for the new year. My viv is all setup and ready to go. Just need a little Cham to use it. I'm open to locale/breed etc I'm based near Southampton in Hampshire, but will be prepared to travel a reasonable distance. I'm only interested in a male and a ideally...
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    Blue bar ambilobe panther chams 12 weeks old, very healthy, feeding on gut loaded and dusted crickets, small locusts. Males and females available. A few unrelated pairs also available. All chams will be going to Doncaster show on 18th so can be collected from there. please, if you definately...
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    Eggs in incubator, looking for potential buyers. Nosy Mitsio Parents, email me for more details. [email protected]: victory:
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    Hi guys, My ambilobie panther has not been eating much lately and I have tried him with literally everything (locust, wax worms, meal worms, crixs). He is around 5/6 months old, he is looking very bright and alert, no sunken eyes etc. I have had a veiled cham before and he used to reduce his...
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    These are my 3 panther chameleons I have at the moment 1. diego suarez 2. nosy faly 3. ankify
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    Tasty!! Just a little snack:flrt: Vicky
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    As title says, is this little critter a male or female or is it too early?? Thanks
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    Hi I've bought a 6 month old male Nosy Be Panther Chameleon (smurf) and he's in a exo terra 100 gallon flexarium, temperature 85/90 in the basking area, 10.0 uv, have 3 live plants in there as well as vines and a little bit of bamboo.. Hes eating and pooping fine and seems happy.. I have 2...
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    Hi all, Here I have for sale a 9 month old panther chams this guy is beautiful as im sure you will agree and will only get better. he eats like a pig on a mixed diet of locust,wax worms and crickets and is sheding and pooping just fine. below are some pics of him.
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    For sale/swap i have an ambilobe panther chameleon which is 5-6 months old not sure on sex (price: please offer). Will swap for a yellow ackie but must be 3 months old or offer me any other lizard the worst i can say is no. I also have an exo terra 45-45-60 but it wont be sold until the cham is...
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    jus got back from southampton reptile center after being advised from few of u to go there, have to say well impressed and will be going up there for my locusts from now on. the quality and selection of the reptiles down there is amazing cud of quite easily walked out wiv a panther cham lol any...
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    Hi I just got back from holiday and my Panther has shed, I have an issue though one of his eyes has shedding around it, its not impairing his vision at all as he still seems to see through it fine to catch his food, but I am slightly worried. Any Ideas will be appreciated.. Thanks
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    Hi All, Does anyone have male babies for sale? or can anybody recommend a breeder or member here? A friend of ours has fallen in love with our panther and is now looking for one himself only trouble is he has no transport and the only ads we can find are miles away can anyone recommend a good...
1-20 of 26 Results