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    1 adult male vazimba gecko (Paroedura vazimba) for sale. I had a breeding group, but have ended up with a surplus male. Can be picked up in York, delivered to Doncaster show, couriered, or potentially delivered by myself (time dependent) to the following locations: Devon, London, Manchester...
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    We have 3 CB16 Paroedura pictus and 6 CB16 Chondrodactylus turneri currently available,all about 3 months old, with more eggs of both species currently in the incubator. All the pictus have very attractive dorsal stripes. We are asking £15 each, or 4 for £50. Please feel free to PM me with any...
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    3.3 Paroedura bastardi Mocquard's Madagascar Ground Gecko 4.4.Paroedura androyensis Grandidier's Madagascar Ground Gecko 2.2 Paroedura ibityensis Madagascar Ground Gecko 5.5 Paroedura pictus Ocelot gecko all LTC/CB pairs £50 per pair Please PM ay questions as don't always see the...
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    Meet Harley! I was cleaning her tank so thought I'd share some pictures while she was "out and about". They are both on bark in the critter keeper, but their tank has a mix of eco-earth and bark Water droplet for size comparison! This one's Colby, she's regenerating her tail from when I...
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    Hi i have a few lizards and a snake for sale 1 Crocodile skink (Tribolonotus gracilis) £80 1 Crested gecko (Correlophus ciliatus) £35 12 Madagascan big headed gecko (Paroedura pictus) £25 1 Rough scale sand boa (Gongylophis conicus) £25 Please feel free to PM me for details Thanks
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    So cool these little characters!
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    For sale at Doncaster. A 25% deposit will be required for anything ordered. Soft spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinigerus, breeding trio £350.00; unsexed young (grown on hatchlings) £65.00 each Golden-tailed geckos, Strophurus taenicauda, unsexed young £75.00 (one missing the tip of its...
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    Sadly having to reduce my collection due to an increase in work commitments. I will only sell these to people who have either kept these species before or who have done their research and are prepared to give them a high standard of care, therefore please do not be offended if I ask questions...
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    I will be bringing some surplus captive-bred geckos to Doncaster. They can be reserved in advance on payment of a 25% non-refundable deposit via Paypal Soft spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinigerus, 2012 young, females £125, males £100. I have 1.3 available and will give a generous discount...
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    Just had my first two Grandidier's geckos hatch (Paroedura androyensis) and wondered if there was anybody else here breeding them. I have several more eggs incubating. They're really fun little geckos, little being the operative word. Chris
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    I've recently been promoted at work and my new job requires me to hold certain qualifications, therefore most of my time is now being taken up with revising for exams. Unfortunately this means I have less time to spend looking after my geckos and sadly, after a lot of thought, I have decided...
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    For sale, all captive-bred Strophurus spinigerus, 2012, sub-adults, one male £75, 3 females £125 each, taking all four (1.3) £400. Image is of father. Young are semi-related (one male and two females) Diplodactylus tessellatus male, £25 Paroedura cf bastardi ("dwarf form") group of three...
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    I'm thinking of getting a pair of Paroedura lohatsara but there is a serious lack of care advice for these guys. If anyone has ever kept them or knows about them please let me know, any advice on care. Set up, feeding, breeding, lighting ect. Also does anyone on here breed them? Thank in advance.
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    I have the following for sale: 2.4 Paroedura vazimba - £230 § Proven breeders § 2 groups of 1.2 § Gravid females 3.4 Ebenavia inunguis - £250 § 3 breeding groups of 1.1(x2) & 1.2(x1) 0.0.2 Cyrtodactylus peguensis - £40ea § Still young but growing well 0.0.1 Uroplatus guentheri - £100 §...
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    This is on behalf of a friend. For collection from Hamm, there is a shipping charge per gecko of about 65-75 euros. 1.0.0 Paroedura vazimba 0.0.1 P. bastardi, large form 0.0.2 P. masobe 0.0.2 N. amyae 0.0.7 Pachydactylus latirostris 0.0.6 Pachydactylus rugosus 0.0.2 Homopholis...
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    Wish to have a female for breeding (yes i know my information) Might be Willing to Travel, rather delivered though
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    I dont believe it is that hard to get some pictus gecko in london They are so beautiful i think looks better then the leos Why noone is breeding them!?
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