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    Pair of Greater Vasa Parrots for sale or swap. Laid this year but were disturbed so left eggs.
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    Here at Manchester pets and aquatics we have 10 hand reared baby African Greys These are fantastic birds who are silly tame and are close rung They were hand reared from the egg by a fantastic breeder. For any more details if you could ring us on 0161 273 5447 and ask for Sam. Manchester pets...
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    We have a stunning young double yellow headed amazon in stock at the moment. Comes with all the relevant article 10 paper work. He is sexed as a male. Tame and talking really well We are only asking for £1395 which for a double yellow head is a bargain. For any extra details ring the store...
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    Hey guys, I have a feather chewing male eclectus, we have tried everything to stop him for years and nothing has worked with him really. Here's a bit of advice on things that have helped:- Less seeds, which are changed every other day. Wide variety of fruit and veg. Palm oil on favourite...
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    Hi all, I am delighted to announce that we have today made live a brand new educational website that provides up to the moment advice on Bird and small animal keeping. This is not a sales website, as you know we do not sell direct but we do like to pass on our research. please feel free to...
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    maybe a stupid question, but one or two? if i get two females/males will they be ok together or is it best one male one female and get the male neutered? (if that's even possible) orrrrrr just one?
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    Senaegal parrot semi tame and large parrot cage with feeders and bowls the parrot mimmics the phone microwave and is trying to talkits 3 years old and close rung looking for £220 ono
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    old or diseased? let me know what you think? i think the bird looks discustingly mistreated but maybe i'm wrong?? 92 Year Old Cockatoo Arthur Cebu Philippines - YouTube
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    are the Stags Horn/Sumach (Rhus Typhina) trees poisonus to any kind of parrot or simmilar bird?
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    as the title says? : victory:
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    Hello everyone been recommended to join this forum by a friend to advertise some of our products. We are a small none profit animal rescue mostly rescuing parrots but have the odd reptile come into our care. Everything we make is sold as funding to look after our animals Nests boxes made to...
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    handreared african greys 3 left to go all come with there own cages £500
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    here i have a male yellow thighed caique for sale, he is 3/4 years old, hand reared and tame with both sexes. great feather condition. lovely bird. selling due to starting a new job and have no time for him now and cant afford a mate for him. would make a great pet or breeding bird. i...
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    we are been forced by the doctor to sell our two african grey parrots, they are hand tame and will step up when asked .but because of my wifes illness she has not been able to interact with them so they have become a little shy . one is a male congo and has lots of words and is three years old...
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    The alex studies by irene maxine pepperberg Cognitive and communicative abilities of grey parrots Brilliant book to read when you are a parrot keeper/lover Very good condition £30 posted
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    Hello, Due to housemove and my landlord not letting me take my parrots, i have a Rose Crown conure and a Pinapple Green cheek conure for sale. The rose crown is about a year old and has a wonky foot but she can still get about ok. The green cheek is about 6 months old. Both were hand reared...
1-16 of 56 Results