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    I'm looking for spare parts for a vision rack. specifically i'm looking for the sliding clips that attach to the levels and stop the tubs sliding too far forwards or backwards. I need 10-20 of each size the spacers that go on the poles between the levels. i'm looking for 18 of the short ones...
  2. Off Topic Classifieds
    here is a list of stuff i need to get rid of: i have a v8 CPU cooler(they have been discontuned now, one of THE best air coolers you can get) was running the phenom [email protected] nicely!(was used on a amd build but im not sure where the intel parts are they may be in box but i need to root it out...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi all! Having a massive clear out so the following is up for grabs. Comment or message me for prices and pics. 100w exo terra ceramic bulb 600w microclimate pulse stat 3 large cork branches approx 80cm length each large exo terra water dish arcadia D3 12% UV bulb & arcadia T5 electronic...
  4. Off Topic Classifieds
    HI i have decided to break my vauxhall vectra as i have just bought a new car it is a 51 plate, body work is in great condition. all parts are available has a nice set of vauxhall alloys. any part on car can and will be sold great working engine and gear box engine is a 2.0 dti turbo works...
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    I am selling this as i have ordered it as a mistake it wont fit into my fogger. The packet has been opened but never used only asking £3.50 for it posted
  6. Equipment & Supplies
    I recently received a large glass Terrarium with one of the glass doors shattered. The company was brilliant and sent me a new (non-broken) one; but doesn't seem to want the old one back (I've emailed them twice asking about it and there has been no response). If anyone knows how to put the...
  7. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi i got this exo terra a few months ago and it was broken on delivery, its been sat in my cupboard now for a while, so before i throw it i was wondering if anybody wanted it, to fix it (dont know if thats possible or safe for an animal) or for a part maybe, maybe you need a new door on your...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    I have a broken exo terra 30x30x45. All parts available as spares except the right hand door (which is what is broken). No matter how long ago this was posted, give me a PM!
1-8 of 8 Results