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pastel boa constrictor
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    Up for sale as doesn't fit into breeding plans and need to make some room. Late cb10 poss early cb11 pastel bci, very rosy cheeks and lovely general temperament. Eating medium/large rats every10-14 days. He is in generally excellent shape and has a great feeding response. Pics available on req...
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    hey this is my pastel boa constrictor, im selling him because i wanted to breed by it turns out i havent got the money to buy all the equipment i need (my bad). anyway, hes a great snake, he can be a bit nippy every now and then but its nothing too bad. any questions or if you want to see...
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    This here is my pastel male boa constrictor. hes just coming up to six and a half feet long so hes fairly large. ive had him for a few months now and basically i didnt really think the whole boa breeding process through which now means i have to get rid of him :( Theres nothing wrong with him...
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    We have had lots of our babies hatch at once and have to accelerate our plans to update the shop. As a result we are selling lots of our new and old animal stock cheaply. Please call me on 07515690757 or the shop on 01622 200292. We need these gone this week, the sooner you can come, the cheaper...
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    This little guy just tagged me whilst I was trying to clean him out. Then I couldn't get the little monkey off me! Just glad he's still little, God help me when he gets bigger!
1-5 of 5 Results