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pastel boa
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    On 28th March our Dwarf Pastel female delivered a nice litter after an incredibly long 120 days POS. She was bred to a Kahl albino Colombian motley.
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    Only selling this guy as im trying to thin out some of my lower ends boas as the collection seems to be getting rather big lol , he was back up boa this season but I didnt have to use him , hes about 4 to 4 and half foot and feeding on small rats , at times he is much lighter than this and...
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    For sale through no fault of her own is my 18month old female Pastel Boa. She is a very placid snake with a beautiful temperament and very used to being handled. She has a lot of pink in her face and sides and still has lovely saddle markings. Will make a lovely pet for someone. She's currently...
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    I have both male and female dwarf pastels Het sharp, from a dwarf pastel female and a visual sharp Albino, with some of the mother's aberrant markings coming through to some of the babies. Most are now strike feeding on defrosted fuzzes, and are about to have their second shed
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    Male pastel boa Just over 2 yes old. Bout 3 ft. Does everythin he should. Sale or swop for adult royal or baby boa 07875740281
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    Bred here by me born May 2013, poss DH Snow. Great pastel colours.
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    Stunning male pastel BCI bred here by me. Poss hets of Albino and Anery. Born May 23 2013 Or part ex for retic with yellow in it
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    Banging 2013 male Salmon hypomelanistic BCI I'm letting go of. Bred here by me. Poss hers of Albino and Anery. Great feeder. Born May 23 Or part ex for retic with yellow in it.
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    Hi guys. I'm looking for a male pastel boa. Preferably cb13. Would be nice if it was close by but willing to travel for right one.
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    Big healthy female boa around 3 years old and about 5ft at the mo. Feeding, shedding and pooing fine. Picture will follow im having trouble loading one.
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    2010 female high expression jungle - £400 2008 female pastel. Beautiful markings and very clean - £150 2012 female ghost boa (poss super) - £300 2011 male parahet het anery (Basically Boas). You can make arctic or snow boas with this boy if paired to the right female (see below)! £350 or £600...
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    2008 female pastel boa. Very clean and lots of pinks/oranges. Has not been bred from. She is between 5 and 6 feet in length. She does everything she should. Nice manners. Located near Portsmouth.
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    I had a salmon litter a few weeks back most have had two feeds now on defrost. I norm let them go around 4 to 5 feeds depending on snake.Im adding this up now as I don't get much time on a pc. Il be adding new pictures soon as iv got the full litter pictured and numbered. Prices are from £50...
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    as the title says, here is my new pastel boa :2thumb:
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    I am selling this CB12 female pastel boa, she was from a hypo pastel x hypo pastel litter. Feeds brilliantly and does everything else that she should. Just starting to see some colours coming through on her, will grow into a very pretty snake I am sure. £60, collection from Warrington or courier...
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    Hi i have 4.1 pastel boas available doing as they should perfectly Pictures on request £50 each will do deals on multiples Thanks Connor
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    I have an adult female pastel boa for sale around 7ft+ will breed given the chance eats sheds and poops as she should handles fine Absolutely stunning looking snake looking for offers around £150 possible swaps for lizards monitors etc She is in shed in the bottom picture so isn't as...
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    female red pastel jungle boa Female cb07 proven by a mate of mine Eats sheds poops and handles fine She's a real big soft girl some absolute stunning colours and patterns Looking for offers around £275 male cb09/10 salmon boa Great feeder handles fine sheds and poops as he should Really...
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    hi, here i have a few boas for sale, first up is my 71/2ft common boa female. eating xL rats prefectly, shedding perfect, handles fine shes very tame. eats through shed £80 next is my pastel male boa, eats a large weaner every 10 days and is just over 4ft, looking for around £130. normally...
1-19 of 61 Results